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Tips and How to Speed up Internet Connection


The number of Internet users is growing and getting bigger, the people in the world are realizing the Internet culture. The Internet also has great influence over science, and worldview. With only are search engines like Google, users worldwide have easy Internet access over a wide range of information. Compared with books and libraries, the Internet is a great source of information and data quickly.

The development of the Internet has also influenced the development of the economy. A wide range of buying and selling that previously could only be done by way of face-to-face, it is now very easy and often done over the Internet. That’s the role of the Internet today are increasingly becoming lifestyle for most people.

Tips and How to Speed up Internet Connection

A very slow Internet connection is a problem for everyone. Perhaps you too have experienced similar things and of course it is so annoying and more and make you feel uncomfortable. Here there are some tips and tricks how to accelerate your internet connection.

  1. Please close the program that can suck your bandwidth continuously such as AIM, MSN and Skype. Some of these programs are quietly going Shuck your internet connection because it will continue to connect to the chat server to connect to the network to your friends. Try closing one at a time, then your internet connection will be more stable.
  2. Do not open a lot of web pages. Open multiple web pages with different is also one of the factors that can make your connection is slow. If there is a page that is not already in use then you better is close it. Open the web page you want to visit one by one and do not simultaneously.
  3. If you are using Outlook or Thunder Bird then better turn off before the program, because the program can not speed up your internet connection. This is because the program download a lot of data from the internet to view your email inbox.
  4. If you are using a LAN cable for Internet connection, check other computers that are connected to you. If your internet connection is slow, it could be on another computer is using the internet to download, so the connection to be slow.
  5. Resets the registry of Your computer or laptop. The Registry is a database that stores the settings from your PC, but is also the cause of Your Internet running slow. Every time you use your computer, need to open the settings how to get your network to the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these settings become corrupted and unreadable, and make your computer slow to process each web page you visit. For that you have to defragged your computer with software to clean and organize the registry, such as CCleaner and Defraggler.
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