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Tips: Share Large File on Internet for Slow Internet Connection


If you have a fast internet connection you can share large files easily, but if you use dial-up connection you will not difficulties share a file with a tens megabyte/gigabyte size on internet. The only way to share large files easily you must split the file into a kilobyte or a few megabyte size.

How to split the large file into a kilobyte size? It’s easy, almost all compression software such as WINZIP, WINRAR, 7Zip, etc can be used to split a large file into a few files in kilobyte size and all the software is very easy to use.

On this tutorial I will discuss about share large file on internet if your internet connection slow. The software which I use on this tutorial is 7Zip software (you can search the software on Google 😀 ).

Here Two Easy Steps to Share Large File on Internet for Slow Internet Connection

1. Split the large file into few kilobytes or megabytes which you want, here how:

  • On this tutorial I use 7Zip (you can use WinZip or WinRAR as alternative software). Right clicking mouse on the large file to split, on the context menu select “7-Zip” then “add to archive”
  • Determine file size for each file split. For example I want to split a large file into a few files with file size for each files is 1 Megabyte. Entering 1M into “Split to Volume, bytes”. Then click Ok
  • The result, I get a few file with 1 Megabyte size for each file. Now you can easy upload the file on  online storage or on online file hosting such as Ziddu, 4Shared, MediaFire, etc. (Warning: don’t rename the files to prevent error when extract and merge them into one file)

2. How to Extract and Combine all file into one file.

If you share files that have been split, tell the software you use to split the file to the people/friend who download your files because on my experiment I getting error when combine the file using other software.

Because I use 7-Zip software to split the file which I share, so to extract and merge the file into one file I use 7-Zip again, here how:

  • From windows explorer, right clicking mouse on the fist file to extract select “7-Zip” then select “Extract File” or “Extract Here”  (Note: usually the order of the file name is marked with numbers)
  • The result, you’ll get one large file like the source file.

I hope this post can help you to share your useful file on internet.

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