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Top 5 Best Web Services You Should be Using


We use the Internet everyday but many of us aren’t using it to its fullest. This selection of excellent services are devoted to making your time online more productive and fun. So turn on that new machine from Lenovo and learn how to truly get ahead in the information age.


Are you regularly sharing files between home and work computers or need to send files to others over the Internet? Dropbox is the final word in cloud storage – simply sign up and your computers will have a folder that will sync effortlessly between them which is also accessible from the Dropbox website. It also offers plenty of storage space. You begin with around 2GB but completing tasks such as recommending a friend can net you more room in your box. Being available for a wide range of devices means that you’ll have your documents and photos absolutely everywhere.

Top 5 Best Web Services You Should be Using


One for you music lovers out there… While other music streaming services may offer internet radio features, Pandora focuses solely on delivering the best experience for its users – nothing but pure music discovery. Simply begin with one of your favourite songs or artists and begin listening. By voting yes or no to tracks Pandora will learn your taste in music and present new artists it feels you’ll like. Like Dropbox, this service is available for your smartphone, so if your currently uploaded tunes aren’t doing it for you, let Pandora create a unique mix just for you, wherever you are.


Email has never been simpler, yet so powerful. Google’s Internet service is one of the most popular for good reason. Its primary point is that no message is truly deleted. Instead, it’s stored on the gigabytes of space Gmail offers its users, which is great for those accidental deletions. An account also gives you access to Google’s social tools along with instantly messaging people on your contacts list with Google messenger, Hangouts lets you easily video call groups of people quickly, without any fuss.


Maybe not the first name to spring to mind for web services but it does offer a brilliantly simple tool – hosting images online fast. Simply drag, paste or upload an image directly from your computer and you receive a link to send to others or store forever. More than this, it allows bulk uploading of pictures and selection of code for easy pasting onto websites. Next time you need to get a picture online for use elsewhere on the Internet, think Imgur.


Evernote is the darling of creative types and productivity enthusiasts everywhere. It’s almost like an online scrapbook. Any piece of information, whether that’s photos, articles, websites or even emails can be saved to one place ready to be immediately accessed. Planning a trip away or a big project and need a place to store all of your ideas and inspiration? Look no further. It doesn’t stop there, as there’s a whole community devoted to using the service to its fullest.

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