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Tricks Collections SEO Friendly WordPress Theme V2


After success with tricks theme version 1 and develop a few weeks Tricks Collections themes v2 now Tricks themes ver. 2 ready for download. Unlike previous versions of tricks themes, this version of WP theme now using fixed layout and come with smaller width size.

That’s it? No, there are some new features on this theme. I’ve added social bookmarking buttons, related post with different background color, added new icon, and so Adsense ready. On this theme can embed now you embed Adsense code more easily.  I made theme’s layout like this after seeing there are several blogs trying to make this theme into two columns.

Features of this Tricks-Collections themes V2:

  1. Adsense Readytricks-collections-themes
  2. Logo Ready. You can add your own blog logo to this template. Replace the logo with your own logo. The logo must in PNG format and placed in the images folder on this theme.
  3. Page navigation ready. If you installed WP-Pagenavi plug-in you must disable it before installed this themes.
  4. Social Bookmarking button ready. Related post.
  5. Related posts ready. Now the related post with thumbnail to reduce the bounce rate on your blog (NEW).
  6. Auto split categories into two column (NEW)
  7. Thumbnail image ready. Now it active without any plugin requires. (NEW)
  8. Widget ready and more…

How to upload and using Tricks themes V2 on my Blog:

On this tutorial  I use wordpress version 2.9.2 to upload this themes. For other wordpress versions there may be it differences. Follow this steps to upload this theme to your blog:

  1. After download this theme (Tricks Theme 2). Login to your wordpress blog (Download link for this theme found in the bottom of this post)
  2. After enter to WP-admin panel (dashboard) click “appearance” then  click “add new themes”
  3. Click “upload” link, select the downloaded Tricks themes V2 by clicking browse and select the theme then click “Install Now” button.

Important files on Tricks Theme v2

Important files you should know when using this theme on your Blog. These file contain script/code that you should replace with your own code, namely:

  1. 125.php : If using 125x125px banner, you can place the banner scripts on this file
  2. adsense-content1.php : Replace Adsense code on  this file with your own Adsense or other advertisement. The Adsense will appear on single and page only after title of content. I recommend using “336×80” (large rectangle) Adsense size on this file.
  3. adsense-content2.php : I recommend using  “336×80” (large rectangle) or banner ads size on this file.
  4. adsense-front.php : ads code will appear after first post on homepage.
  5. adsense-menu.php : Adsense on the bottom of menu. (background=#666666, link=#ffffff)
  6. adsense-search.php : Replace the Adsense search on  this file with your own Adsense search cede.
  7. banner.php : if you want to add a banner (468×60)  you place theme banner code on this file.
  8. subscribe.php : replace subscription form, twitter link, feedburner counter on this file with your own.
  9. related-post.php : script for related post.

How to Replace the Adsense code on Tricks themes V2:

  • Login to your WordPress Blog
  • Click “Appearance” then “editor” and you will see important files that mentioned above.
  • Replace the code on the then click update file.

Recomended Plugin If You use this theme (require only if you are using old version):

  • Get The Image” to show thumbnail picture in home
  • WP-Pagenavi or WP-page number” to display navigation page

Like Us below to get your Download link for Tricks Theme V2

Download Tricks Theme V2 (new version). There are most new features added in this new version and also improved the loading speed and reduce the number of codes.



Posted by Fz 149 Responses

149 Responses to “Tricks Collections SEO Friendly WordPress Theme V2”

  1. waaah.. ada ver 2 toh ternyata heuehuhe.. download lagi ah.. kebetulan mau buat blog dengan domain baru xixixix jatuh cinta sama themes nya soalnya 🙂 buat lagi yang versi magazine nya dong mas tapi yang simple aja kayak yang ini 🙂

    btw.. kok emailku ndak dibalas ya 🙂

  2. iniSip says:

    good job bro.. this very beautiful theme
    thx very much….

  3. Jimmy says:

    Nice theme 🙂

  4. Infoomatic says:

    Hi, I’m using this cool template on my blog. Thanks for your support before (via email). I have related post issue that the list of related posts won’t appear so I changed it to use YARPP plugin. However this template is great, seo friendly, and fast loading in any page.. thank you for your template..

    “salam kenal gan..”

  5. Jimmy says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can u tell me how to display posts of specific categories in pages of ur theme ? can u send me the code to my mail

    Thanks in advance

  6. Fz says:

    @Jimmy, there are not feature on this theme to display specific categories. but you can adding its manually using on of the following code

    <?php $recent = new WP_Query("cat=18&showposts=5"); while($recent->have_posts()) : $recent->the_post();?>

    <ul><li><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li></ul>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    Or using this one



    while(have_posts()) : the_post();


    <ul><li><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li></ul>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    The number on the “showposts” is how many post will be displayed and the number on “cat=” is category ID

  7. Jimmy says:

    Thanks 🙂 and one more, I downloaded ur theme but it doesn’t show a thumbnail images in home page.How to enable that. I saw there is thumbnails in ur home page.

  8. Fz says:

    @jimmy, For tricks themes V2 with thumbnail version you can download from following link:

  9. Anith says:

    Hi Fz, I’m using your theme. But when i add a caption for the images in the post it shows some error in home page.
    [caption id="attachment_48" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Test Caption"][/caption]

    This will be shown at the top of Home page posts. Can you plz sort this out ??

  10. Fz says:

    @Anith, It cause the script that create short story on the homepage and category. to solve the problem you can replace the code on INDEX.PHP on the theme.
    Find this code on the index.php

    <p><?php echo truncate($post->post_content,300); ?></p>

    and replace with this one

    <?php the_content(‘Read more &raquo;’); ?>

    but its will disabling the short story of the content on the home and category page but you can display short story by adding “insert more tag” on the content when posting

  11. Jimmy says:

    Hi Fz
    I’m using ur Tricks-Collections theme in my blog( Thanks for developing such a nice theme bro.


  12. Louhan says:

    Theme-nya bagus. Ijin comot n kapan2 publikasi

  13. blogklik says:

    Hello Admin,

    Can u tell me how to display Related Post in single post ?

    Thanks in advance

  14. Fz says:

    @blogklik, on this themes I use simple tag plugin. If you use other related post plugin you can replace code in the relatedpost.php

  15. thankyu guys nice share ill use it for other my blog

  16. I like this themes. I try to use this themes.
    Can your tell me, what is plugin to show auto readmore with thumbnail?
    Please give me link to download, or maybe you can give me recomendations

  17. Fz says:

    @Cerita Dewasa, on this blog Im using “get the image” plugin. The plugin can be download here

  18. apit says:

    briliant theme , but i ‘ve a question can i know how to make adsense unit 460 on the center of my post like your post, where’s the place i must put the code, thnks before

  19. Fz says:

    @apit, You can use ADMAN plugin to display adsense in the middle of your post

  20. Aditya Perdana says:

    Hello, thanks Fz for your great themes wordpress.

    I want to aks, how i can add adsense for search in my custom templates page ? Because, I was used your themes but i can’t create coustom tempate for my page…

    Thank you for your advice

  21. Jeda Productions says:

    Thanks TC for great theme.. i just want to know.. how to set a default thumbnail image if in the post have no image.. thanks..

  22. doji says:


    thx for the great theme.

    how to make sidebar 1 and sidebar 2 go side by side…? i have installed ur theme but sidebar 2 show up under sidebar1 instead next to it….thx

  23. Fz says:

    @doji, Sidebar position on Tricks Theme v2. Sidebar 2 and sidebar 3 –> side by side. Sidebar 1 show up under sidebar 2 and 3. position Sidebar 4 in the bottom of sidebar 2 and 3

  24. Fz says:

    @Jeda Productions, on this theme Im using “get the image plugin” you can read the manual get the image plugin to show no image option if in the post no image displayed

  25. Chris Febian says:

    hi there..

    Thanks for this awesome themes…i’m very impressed with your amazing themes…thanks for keep it free 🙂

    By the way..i’ve check this themes at w3 css validator and found 1 error with this warning :

    228 Value Error : width Parse Error width=300px

    what is this mean and how to fix this error..??

    I’ll be very appreciate for your solution..thanks a ton..

    Kind Regards

  26. Aditya Perdana says:

    Hi, previous thank you for your answer. I want to ask again, how do you set the display of categories in your sidebar like this (could be 2 columns)

    Thanks you Fz

  27. Fz says:

    @Aditya Perdana, I create it manually using exclude and include in wp_list_categories function to create 2 columns categories. You can find the answer how to do it in

  28. ray says:

    attractive template, I used this template

  29. Fz says:

    @Chris Febian, I have tested the theme. Maybe the problem caused by advertisement code

  30. arn says:

    i must install simple-tags plugin? or is ready?

  31. Fz says:

    @arn, yes you must install the plugin if you want to use the default plugin in the theme but you can use other plugin to display related post and edit/replace the code in related-post.php on the theme

  32. bloggerpemula says:

    thank’s your WordPress Theme is cool and good

  33. hadie danker says:

    it’s very use full theme, i have try and very interest to give good testimonial for this.
    thank you very much tricks-collection. I Love You Full 😀

  34. Tentang Islam says:

    thanks for the Theme, i use the theme now. Thanks again

  35. Tentang Islam says:

    hello admin, can you tell me how to display related post by category.? in my blog it didn’t show.

  36. Fz says:

    You can use simple tag plugin. On this blog Im using “related post by category” plugin

  37. ugetuget says:

    google search form , it doesn’t work.

  38. Pritjudam says:

    Great’s very useful for me. thanks a lot!

  39. snakepit says:

    Hi..thanks for this great theme.
    Can you tell me how to remove the title on content page?

  40. Fz says:

    @snakepit, Its easy, just delete template code between <h2> and </h2> in page.php

  41. Galuh Ristyanto says:

    Thanks for this theme. Now, I use this theme for my blog. Next time, I will use this theme for my blog the other.

  42. snakepit says:

    @Fz: Thanks a lot..i love this theme very much!

  43. News says:

    awesome theme 😀
    i use this theme for my another blog..

  44. new global news says:

    Hello guy, I interest to this theme,
    But, when I try to download, I can’t use it.
    Themes corrupt.
    Can you tell me why the themes corrupt?

  45. mahmud says:

    how to display the categories on the menu. create a sub menu in your template like

  46. Mahmud says:

    how to create sub-categories and put a category on the menu page for the template Tricks-Collections themes V2.

    please send answers by email


  47. Fz says:

    @Mahmud, You can contact me through contact form above to get the the theme above with sub categories

  48. Fz says:

    @new global news, can you tell me what the error message

  49. PressByte says:

    Very awesome theme you made here.. But it seems there are only the v1 and v2 only.. Where is the download link of newer Trick theme version? The theme that you are currently using it. Trims..

  50. okezine says:

    where I can download themes Tricks 2 Reloaded

  51. Driftwood says:

    when open the single post,the sliderbar content loads very slowly,but the home page is not.

    i find when explore the single post of your site is slowly too. why ?

  52. Fz says:

    @Driftwood, Its caused share button and advertisement code in single post. You can delete the counter bookmark button to make it load faster

  53. istrd says:

    awesome theme 😀
    i use this theme for my another blog

  54. asch says:

    Google adsense not work on IE, but in Firefox running well.

  55. Fz says:

    @asch, maybe you have disabled JavaScript setting in your IE. I have open your blog using IE8 and it work

  56. Siraj says:

    Thanks Fz,

    I was looking for a similar WordPress theme of Amit Agarwal’s technology blog – Found the Tricks themes ver. 1, but the ver. 2 is really cool. I am gonna install it on my VoIP blog.

    Once again thanks Fz.

  57. Sanjeev says:

    Good work. thanks

  58. malaysiamoviesonline says:

    Thank you for the theme..=)
    I use it for this website..

  59. Hello dude, many thanks for this awesome theme.. It helps me to increase CTR 😀

  60. fengyin says:


    Can you tell me Articles of plugin name?

    (display google adsense).

    I like it.

  61. Fz says:

    @fengyin, I use adman to display adsense in the content but I have modified the plugin for this blog

  62. Andi says:

    Hi mate..thanks for this great themes.
    How to make a list of tags appear on each article. So every article will display its tags 🙂

  63. zaza says:

    thanks for your post. i’m newbie in wordpress blogging

  64. Fz says:

    @Andi, You can add this code into your blog template to display tag. The code is “<?php the_tags(); ?>”

  65. finxboy says:

    hey, I wanted to ask. how to make your adsense on the left like every article and on the right is included in writing a few articles.
    on my blog, adsense is on writing articles and information by starting with a new line of paragraph article.
    how do you like? I already have a theme that version 2 though.
    please help

  66. Fz says:

    @finxboy, Try this code to make your adsense position float into article:

    <div style="float:left;padding:5px 7px 0 0;">
    paste your adsense code here

  67. anak-nias says:

    thanks for this cool theme. i’m newbie worpress platform, verry helpfull… great job!!!

  68. om didien says:

    thats cool them, thanks for this theme

  69. NSE says:

    A clean and clear interface website. I may like to use it for my website but would like to have a blogger platform based template. ids it possible.

  70. beni says:

    is it possible to include the dropdown navigation menu in the next release kang???

  71. wucking says:

    clean, clear and cool theme… thanks for this theme mate..

  72. Hammad says:

    Nice theme. Downloading it right now. Thanks for sharing

  73. nizarazu says:

    how to put image in front page? already upload image in featured image but not appear..thx

  74. omBimo says:

    thanks for sharing…
    i try on my blog at 😀

  75. Fz says:

    @nizarazu, you must install “Get The Image” plugin to solve your problem

  76. cara mendapatkan uang says:

    Thank you so much, I love this template so much. Success always for you!

  77. john says:

    thanks for sharing. your theme very cool. i want to try in my website. thnks

  78. Sovan says:

    Hi FZ, how can I know that theme is seo friendly? Thanks.

  79. aquidea says:

    Simple and great theme… perfect… thank u for yout sharing.. I’ll try this theme…

  80. danz says:

    Hi admin , I’ve installed your theme, but when I turn on it case of error in the my website pages, like this:

    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_pagenavi() (previously declared in /home/database/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/core.php:12) in /home/database/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/Tricks-Theme-2/functions.php on line 75”

    what should i do admin ??

  81. Fz says:

    @danz, if you use wp-pagenavi plugin, disable the plugin before activate the tricks theme.

  82. shk says:

    I’m using this theme, but i dont know why, I’m getting hacked like every day, index file of theme get replaced..

  83. Fz says:

    @shk, add wordpress firewall plugin to your blog to solve the problem

  84. azka says:

    thanks for your themes, I like it this a nice themes. .thank you

  85. Widiastuti says:

    how to change recent comments same with your blog?
    thank you

  86. Fz says:

    @Widiastuti, the easy ways, use get recent comment plugin

  87. Learn Online Quran says:

    nice theme i like it very much thanks for sharing so nice theme

  88. isnu says:

    wow this is simple theme.. and seo friendly…
    thanks for share

  89. herlan says:

    hello admin, I have used the template-Tricks-2-new theme, but why the word keyword appears too large in blog. Please confirm. Thank you very much.

  90. Fz says:

    @herlan, you are adding to many keyword in your blog title. There two solution to to solve your problem:
    1. reduce number of keyword in your blog title.
    2. increase the value on “text-indent” in “h1.logo a“. My suggestion change it to “text-indent:-15000px;” or more.

  91. anton says:

    Hi Fz, need your help.. my blog doesn’t have many image, so i want to remove auto thumbnail from homepage, tags, cat and archive. Can you help me with that? Trims 🙂

  92. Fz says:

    @anton, to delete thumbnail image you can delete the code between <div class="thumb-img"> and </div>
    for tag, cat archive delete the code between <div class="under"> … </div> and <div class="info"> and </div>

  93. Amalul Ahli says:

    Thankyou.. this template is very beautiful and I Very like this template..

  94. ardzi says:

    hy admin, how to replace logo in themes???

  95. Fz says:

    @ardzi, just replace the logo.png file in the images folder. You can see the image folder if extract the theme. as we know the theme mentioned above in ZIP format

  96. thanx.. i’ll set on my blog ’cause seo friendly. i’ll take on my individual blog.. thanx again..

  97. Jagadeesh says:

    Hi author, I use your awesome tricks 2 reloaded theme. The thumb nails are not displayed in my website. Can you please tell me how to display it? Thanks in advance 🙂

  98. Fz says:

    @Jagadeesh, I think there are missing code in your downloaded theme. Can you contact me and send the WP theme version you’ve downloaded

  99. yunus sicoy says:

    thanks for your themes share, Tricks Collections SEO Friendly WordPress Theme V2 is very useful…

  100. rheyvana says:

    behhhh… mantep….

  101. choi says:

    Mantaaap..ijin dunlud,gmn caranya?

  102. nice theme, I would like to set it up in my wp.

  103. mika says:

    udah di like mas, link downloadnya mana ya

  104. Ondel Ondel says:

    Om Admin, dimana ya ini buat link downloadnya..?

  105. les privat says:

    manteb gan..ijin donload… thanks

  106. minny me says:


    i was wandering how to add categories instead of pages in the nav menu. great theme btw!

  107. abangbloger says:

    makasi buat admin dah share tema ini…….banyak inpsirasi berawal dari sini

  108. heri says:

    nice theme mas..
    btw untuk merubah image header dan menambahkan banner, gimana caranya ya ? thanks

  109. Indra Gunawan says:

    Hi FZ,

    Nice theme, I just downloaded and need your advice, how is the html code for adsense-menu.php if I would like to use same with this site, thanks.


  110. JR says:

    Hi admin,how can i remove the twitt,google+ and share button in left of the theme?..becouse i dont like that style..and how to put twitter,google+ and like fb in the botom of single post..i already use the addthis plugin buat they not supported with the theme….please.. 🙁

  111. Harry R says:

    Mas, themes nya di Menu nya udah dinamis belum. Maksudnya top-menu itu bisa di set di appreance menu?

  112. Zol says:

    Why does not appear like a breadcrumb on single post?

  113. Thanks before for make best theme like this..

    I was use this theme in my blog but i want ask function of sellink.php and why every picture I uploaded in the article always appears on the left in fact that picture was i set in Center.

    You can see it in my blog

    Please tell me this solution

  114. Blogger Network says:

    Izin pakai, Min! Bagus tema-nya.

  115. how to change name author.. if im install ur theme i see author name as fz

  116. JR says:

    Salam admin.can your cek my blog,,, when open any page content my sidebar is missing?…

    example see here :
    and please take a look others page.. 🙁

  117. Femmy says:

    I like this themes. Please give me link to download this theme.. thankyou

  118. Femmy says:

    I like your theme. please give me a link to download this theme.


  119. Zola says:

    nice theme bro, pretty cool!!

  120. Warren says:

    Thanks, looks really good!

  121. shyrin says:


    how can i download your theme? i already press twitter button on this page. But I can’t see download link

  122. Bimakuru says:

    koq gk ada menu untuk setting widget sidebar om ?

  123. in the new version nothing this file : 125.php adsense-content1.php adsense-content2.php
    adsense-front.php adsense-menu.php why ?

  124. file has been deleted. please reupload, mate

  125. Full gratis says:

    temanyua bagus mas, ..seneng sama temanya yang ini, tapi punya ku blogger, ..jadi sikit kecewa, . .tapi suatu saat kalo buat blog di wordpress mau pake template yang ini.

    mkasih mas templatenyaa,.. ..

  126. gezgin says:

    delete themes link ? 🙁

  127. Glucogen says:

    Good themes for adsense so thank you very much and good luck 4u

  128. Areep says:

    thanks for this themes. can i get auto image on home from external link..?

  129. game terbaru 2014 says:

    good for adsense y? i will try this theme

  130. wahyu says:

    good template for adsense, will download it now. Thanksss

  131. Mawan says:

    thanks for sharing,n peace

  132. Ketua Hansip says:

    Om, kok Breadcrumb ga nampil ya? padahal saya udah coba klik salah satu post.. tapi tetap aja blank atau ga ada judl postnya di [You are here: ]

    mohon info nya Om.. thx a lot 🙂

  133. gendruk says:

    where the download link?

  134. Ciyus Miapah says:

    please make it rensponsive.. i like this template

  135. Lihin says:

    Tampilannya bukan kesenagan kuuhhh 🙂

  136. prof2food says:

    like this template

  137. abgajoy says:

    Can anyone show me how to get this theme?

  138. Lebah Master says:

    this theme is best,but there hard load for my site..maybe if there go to responsive and fast load i think can be the best theme …

  139. Ujang says:

    good template!

  140. Ujang says:

    keren mas theme.. nih sama kyak yg dipake blognya ya..
    lebih keren lg klo dibikin responsif mas.. 🙂

  141. Bambang says:

    nice theme, thanks…

  142. R. Suwito says:

    iya mas… pernah waktu itu tak pake tapi kurang responsive.. seumpama dibikin responsive lak tambah sip tah… mantaps… Sukses selalu mas…

  143. please make it rensponsive.. i like this template.. great…

  144. Bilgiuzmani says:

    Hi, I’m using this cool template on my blog. Thanks for your support before (via email). I have related post issue that the list of related posts won’t appear so I changed it to use YARPP plugin. However this template is great, seo friendly, and fast loading in any page.. thank you for your template..

  145. agus says:

    pada rame rame pake themes ini … kemaren nyari2 nggak ketemu broo



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