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How to Add Vista Glass Frame and Style to Firefox


Glass theme also called as Aero theme and Vista style now become popular since Windows Vista released. But unfortunately this features not fully compatible with Firefox.  To make Firefox fully using Aero feature we must install add-on called “Glasser” to make Firefox fully transparent and “Stylish” to adding vista style to Firefox.

Glasser and Stylish is small Firefox add-on and it free. Glasser add-on can change Firefox toolbar full transparent and Stylish Add On we can adding Vista style to the Firefox by add a small script without installing new theme to Firefox.

Here comparison of Mozilla Firefox before and after install the Glasser and Stylish plugin :

Before installing the Glasser and Stylish add-on:

After installing the Glasser and Stylish add-ons:

How to Install Glass Skin/Glass frame  to Firefox:

  • Download and install Glasser Add-Ons.
  • After install the add-ons restart Firefox and see the effect.

How to Install Vista Style to Firefox

  • Download and install Stylish Add-Ons.
  • Restart firefox and then open Tool – add-ons menu then Extentions.
  • On the stylish add-on click Options.
  • Click write.
  • In the description fill the name: e.g. Vista Style
  • Insert the code in the bottom of description, the code can be found in Here
  • Close windows add-ons, and you can see the effect. If you not see the effect restart Firefox.

This tip only work in Windows Vista, in Windows XP this tips will not make the Firefox transparent because no Aero feature on windows XP.

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