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Ways to Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Content


The more content that’s out there, the more important it is to post content that people actually want to share. The key is to create content that people can’t help but share; that they feel their own audience will value; and that they want others to know they’re interested in because it makes them look like an expert in their field.

These for tools will help you create share-worthy content. Start creating content that your audience wants and encourage them to share it with their followers.

Ways to Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Content

1. Bunkr: Today, people love slideshow sites, which is where images and text copy rotate. You don’t need to devote your entire website to sliders, though. Instead, you can create visuals with Bunkr and save yourself the trouble of redoing your entire site. With this tool, you can create a unique slider. You can even recycle content from your best performing posts and create a slider with it. For example, after someone like Ehsan Bayat writes a blog post, they can turn the main points into a slideshow.

2. Soundslides: Modern brands rely on storytelling to appeal to customers. A variety of digital assets are used to help with storytelling. Soundslides lets you create a slideshow with audio included. Plus, the slideshows are mobile-friendly. If you’re looking to take your content to the next level or you’ve been wanting to integrate various types of media, this is a great starting point.

3. Screenmailer: A lot of customers love behind-the-scenes peeks and private information about how a brand functions. With Screenmailer, you can record both your device screen and your voice, then share the recording. You can demonstrate processes and integrate graphics that encourage sharing. This is an excellent way to create “How To” videos or to help customers troubleshoot a common problem.

4. Pablo: Whenever you add a visual to a social media post, you immediately increase engagement and boost the chances of the post being shared. Stock images are boring, though, which is where Pablo comes in. You can now create visuals by adding quotes and messaging to photo backgrounds. You’ll be able to create one-of-a-kind visuals that your audience isn’t sick of seeing.

Social media is important to business, which is why your brand can’t afford to share dull, unoriginal content. By hopping on the slideshow bandwagon, you’ll be using social media in a way that audiences love and that many other brands haven’t tapped into yet. This will put you ahead of the game in your industry.

Aside from offering top notch content, you also have to ask your audience to share it. You can either put the call-to-action in the description section of the post or you can embed it right into the slideshow. Either way, tell your audience what you want them to do. Sometimes a simple, “If you loved this slideshow, share it on Facebook!” is enough to get people to share.

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