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What Does it All Mean?: Tricks To Understand Web-based Terminology


When you are starting your own business and creating a website for it, when faced with so much unfamiliar terminology, things can get pretty confusing really fast. After all, if web design and web management were easy, everyone would be doing it. But in order to make things a bit more comprehensive, here is a quick breakdown of some of the differences between webspace, webhosting, and a web server to make the process a little easier to navigate through.

What is a Webspace

Put simply, a webspace is the exact online space in which your webpage is published. It is the online piece of real estate that houses your website. You can think of it this way, when you store files on your computer at home, you store them on a hard drive or on hard disk space. A webspace is the same as this hard disk space, but instead of being located on your personal computer, your website and other data that you are storing are located on a remote server in an external location. When considering a webspace to house your website, you ultimately want to find something with unlimited space so that you don’t have to worry about a cap. Find out some more info about webspaces over here.

Tricks To Understand Web-based Terminology

What is a Webhost

A company that hosts these servers that your webspace is on is naturally then called a web host. The services that a web host provides to keep these servers up and running is technical assistance, monitoring, software updates, and increasing space as needed. So to simplify, the space you rent on the server is called your web space, but the company that offers this space that you are renting and makes sure it runs perfectly is your web host. For some more information on what makes a good webhost, see our essentials to consider when selecting the perfect webhosting service.

What is a Web Server

A web server is essentially the heart of any webspace and webhosting provider. The web server is the software and physical hardware – the computer that is online at all times – working together to makes all service possible. So the difference, then, is that the previous two terms refer to a service that you purchase, which is run through a network of physical web servers. They are the physical storage containers and the software controlling the access to the content stored on them, that make any access to an online space possible.

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