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What is an Electronic Cigarette?


Many technology brought about a change in a variety of fields, including cigarette. Now you can smoke by using electronic technology, let’s discuss about it.

Electronic cigarette (Elecronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or e-Cigarette) is an innovation from the conventional cigarette form into modern cigarette. The electronic cigarette was first developed in 2003 by SBT Co Ltd, a Beijing-based company, China, which is now controlled by the Golden Dragon Group Ltd in 2004, Ruyan took over the project to develop the technologies that appear. Absorbed officially Ruyan SBT Co Ltd and their name was changed to SBT RUYAN Technology & Development Co, Ltd.

Electronic cigarette which is claimed as the cigarette that more healthy and environmentally friendly than regular cigarettes and does not cause the smell and smoke. In addition, the electronic cigarette more frugal than regular cigarettes because it can be refilled. Shape ENDS such as regular cigarettes. But not burn tobacco, like a conventional cigarette products. This cigarette burns liquid with use battery and steam get into the lungs. The product is marketed by many names, including electronic cigarette, ecigarro, electro-smoke, green-cig, and smartsmoker.

The electronic cigarette is considered to be a helper tool for those who are addicted to cigarette to quit smoking. This tool is marketed as a safer alternative than regular tobacco products. The Label “HEALTH” was installed clear on the packaging and you can read recent e-cigarette reviews here.

What is an Electronic Cigarette

Legal Status by Country:

  • In Australia, the sale of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is illegal.
  • In Brazil, the sale, importation or advertising electronic cigarette in any form is prohibited. Anvisa, the federal agency of health and sanitation Brazil, finding safety health assessment at this time about the e-cigarette not yet satisfying to make decent products approved for commercialization.
  • In Canada, on March 2009, import, sales, and advertising is prohibited. In March 2009, Health Canada also advised not to buy or use the product electronic cigarette. Health Canada cited the Act Food and drugs, which states that the electronic products containing nicotine require market authorization before they can be imported, marketed, or sold. There is no market authorization has been granted for any electronic smoking products.
  • In Denmark, Denmark Medicines Agency classifying electronic cigarettes containing nicotine as medicinal products. Thus, the required authorizations from retailers before the product can be marketed and sold. The Agency has clarified, however, that the electronic cigarette does not manage or control the amount of nicotine to users, and are not otherwise used for prevention or treatment of disease, is not considered a drug. The use of electronic cigarettes has not been banned at Copenhagen Airport, but at least one airline (Scandinavian Airlines) has decided to ban the use when flight time.
  • In Finland, in July 2008, the sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited and considered as products a nicotine therapeutic, rather than as a medical device. However, getting the product within the reach of the European Economic Area is allowed.
  • In Netherlands, the use and sale of electronic cigarettes is allowed, but advertising is forbidden inĀ European Union legislation that is awaiting a decision.
  • In New Zealand, the Ministry of health had decided that the Ruyan e-cigarette to fall under the requirements of the drugs laws, and cannot be sold unless it is as a medicine registered.
  • In Panama, importation, distribution and sale of banned since June 2009. The Department of health cited the FDA findings as a reason to ban it.
  • In Singapore, sales and imports of electronic cigarettes, even for personal consumption, is illegal.
  • In the United Kingdom, use and sale of electronic cigarettes is currently not restricted, even though the MHRA has proposed bringing all products except tobacco nicotine in licensing drugs regime.
  • In Italy, the use and sale of electronic cigarettes is allowed but all products containing Nicotine should be labeled with symbols dangerous as per directive 2001/95/CE and 1999/45/CE.


Supervisory Agency for Drug and Food United States, the FDA in May 2009 and then do an analysis of smoking and testing e-cigarette content from the two companies. The result is found to contain dietilen glycol and specific nitrosamines in tobacco.

The FDA study also showed inconsistency in nicotine levels of the container with the same label. In fact, in the container ENDS labeled do not contain nicotine, nicotine is still found.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) in September 2008 has stated that they do not approve of and do not support electronic cigarettes are consumed as a tool to quit smoking.

On 6-7 May 2010 then, WHO held a meeting again to discuss about the safety-related regulations ENDS and stated that these products have not been through enough testing to determine if it is safe for consumption. Upon consideration, the FDA recommends that the product was banned, and to the community in order not to consume the products of alternative smoking.

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