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Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar for Windows Vista and Windows XP


Want install Windows Circle Dock bar to Windows Vista and Windows XP, you can download and install Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar software. Windows 7 circle dock is beautiful and portable software and its no installation require, you can run this software from portable drive, memory card or from computer hard disk. If you use Windows XP, this software require .net framework 2.0 or above version installed in your computer. You can customize the skin and icon to according to your own preference.

Windows 7 Circle Dock bar support for French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish language


How to use Windows Seven Circle Dock Bar

  • Download and extract it in your computer and run the software. This software require no installation
  • Drag and drop shortcut, file or folder to add it to circle dock bar. Now you can launch your programs from a circular dock

Windows 7 Dock Bar Features

  • Work with multiple monitors
  • Change the image show for the icon and change the skins
  • Dock appears on the mouse location by pressing F1 key
  • Drag and Drop your shortcuts, files and folder to add it to the task-bar
  • It can run from USB drives
  • It offers a cool icon replacement mode
  • Launch programs from a circular dock
  • Reorder the dock items on the dock bar by drag and drop
  • You can add more and any icon of your choice
  • You can rotate the dock items with the mouse wheel or arrow keys

Download Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar (size: 9.8 MB)

Posted by Fz 8 Responses

8 Responses to “Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar for Windows Vista and Windows XP”

  1. software says:

    awesome stuff. I have been following the progress of this software. There is something about the MAC like interfaces that I like to emulate on my windows machine and the linux machine I am running.

  2. Kamran says:

    i decorate the whole dextop
    it is very good

  3. Keep working, great job, I love it!

  4. john says:

    its fantastic

  5. Todd says:

    Yet again stealing ideas from mac!

  6. Shiva says:

    thanks friend thanks for helping i have converted XP into windows 7 and this feature was missing really thanks

  7. Himel says:

    yet microsoft stealing ideas from mac !

  8. kruul says:

    lol stealing idéas from apple you say?

    1. i doubt this is a Microsoft corp creation, therefore “microsoft” isn’t stealing anything.
    it’s a application deal with it mac fanboys.

    2. a good ideá is a good idéa same as the apps mac user use that orgin from windows.

    who cares? it’s just 2 different platform that are slightly different. it all comes down to taste (or wallet).
    lovley to see applications like this awsome work ! 😀


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