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Windows 7 Docks by Google Desktop


On my previus article I’ve posted about Windows 7 Dock Bar for Windows XP or Vista. Other method to add windows 7 circle dock bar is using Google desktop. The benefit using Google desktop is this Google software can be installed in almost all windows version. Actually there are no circle dock bar in the windows 7 because the windows 7 dock is like the sidebar in windows vista. But the although the circle dock not found in windows 7 but this dock is become popular windows dock bar.

To bring this windows 7 dock bar you must install Google Desktop in your computer because the dock gadget requires this Google software.  The file name of the gadget is Windows Compared with this Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar,  the CircleDock from google desktop is more stable. Here Look n feel then Windows Dock Gadget.

windows cicle dock

How to Install the Windows Dock gadget

  • First you must install Google Desktop.
  • Download “Windows” then install then gadget to Google Desktop.
  • Detact the gadget from the Google Dekstop and place in the center of display screen. You can set the gadget by right click the gadget then select option/setting.

You can download windows 7 dock bar from following link: Download Windows Circle Dock click here and download Google Desktop click here

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2 Responses to “Windows 7 Docks by Google Desktop”

  1. rukku says:

    great work by google

  2. Jamel Cipriano says:

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