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WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded Available for Download


Actually I created “Tricks 2 Reloaded theme” is for my other blog, but after I tested this theme on this blog many readers ask how to get this theme for their own blog.

Tricks 2 Reloaded theme actually is not new version of tricks theme but this theme is modified version from Tricks 2 WordPress Theme but I have added a few features on this theme such as PageNavi ready, related post script and breadcrumb so if you install this theme in your blog you no need to install PageNavi, breadcrumb and related post plugin.

On this theme I also minify the CSS file, change a few icon, reduce image used and now in this theme version you can display category in two columns like this blog 😀

Full Screenshot of WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded


Important File in This Themes

  • adsense-content1.php, you can paste your adsense or advertisement code in this file. The adsense will appear right after the title in single post.
  • adsense-content2.php, You can also paste you advertisement code in this file and the ads will appear in the bottom of single content
  • adsense-front.php, to display adsense/advertisement in the frontpage. The ads appear after first post
  • adsense-menu.php, You can change the code in this file to add adsense link but if you want to display “breadcrumb” don’t modify the code in this file.
  • banner.php, to display banner in the top right

Suggestion before Install This Theme in Your Blog (urgent to prevent error)

  1. Disable/delete WP-PageNavi Plugin if you install the plugin in your blog, the pagenavi has included in the Tricks 2 Reloaded Theme
  2. Disable related post plugin (optional but it recommended)

Recommended Plugin

Download Tricks 2 Reloaded Themes from this link. Download Tricks 2 Reloaded Themes (new versions). There new features added on the new versions.

Note: You can use this theme for commercial or non commercial blog but not allow to remove the link in the footer

Posted by Fz 112 Responses

112 Responses to “WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded Available for Download”

  1. DG says:

    Thanks for share this nice theme, It will be my next collect… :mrgreen:

  2. Cerita Dewasa says:

    Nice theme brother….
    I want to install this theme on my site, but my blog is optimized for mobile blog 🙁
    I hope, next time you want to create a theme that designed for mobile site.. 🙂

  3. vmancer says:

    I have change my blog template

  4. breast clinical says:

    great you themes..i can download and used my blog 🙂 thanks for you share free 🙂

  5. Junaid says:

    well! lots of thanks for this.. i just emailed to you for the customized version.. i didn’t pointed this post…

    thanks for this…

  6. 4nthon says:

    great themes .. tq

  7. Junaid says:

    also share some tips on how to keep our adsense account from blocking…
    please, reviews my blog and tell me that which posts should i delete to make it legit for adsense?


  8. KutuBlog says:

    thanx, I like its

  9. KutuBlog says:

    I want to ask, how do I make sub cateogeri to appear in sidebare with the view dropdown? please explanation. thank you

  10. How to display category in two columns like your blog. In my blog it display in one column .
    Please check here:

    thank you

  11. Junaid says:

    it has a problem… my top most post contains image but the read more script hasn’t put image at home page?

  12. Fariez says:

    finally, what I’m waiting for is out for download. Thanks for creating such great and seo-friendly theme..

  13. Fz says:

    @Hosting gia re, It easy, just add the category widget to “topbar” or “botbar” to display it in two columns

  14. Fz says:

    @Junaid, Search this PHP scripts in index.php and search.php

    <?php get_the_image( array( 'default_size' => 'thumbnail', 'link_to_post' => false, 'width' => 135, 'height' => 135, 'default_image' => 'wp-content/themes/Tricks-2-Reloaded/images/no-images.png' ) ); ?>

    Change the PHP code to:

    <?php get_the_image( array( 'default_size' => 'thumbnail', 'link_to_post' => false, 'width' => 135, 'height' => 135, 'default_image' => '/wp-content/themes/Tricks-2-Reloaded/images/no-images.png', 'image_scan' => true ) ); ?>

  15. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Cool theme. I would like to know can i customize this one?

  16. Thank you for respone, it works

    I hope template will has new features soon, ex: nav menu top, sub menu etc

  17. Junaid says:

    thanks Fz.. its ok now

  18. Junaid says:

    hello… I have another problem with this theme, i press enter button but it does not apply any hard break point…
    i also tried in html but no affect… Tried paragraph tags too i.e and but its not placing any paragraph structure in the post..
    Can you tell me how to fix this ?

  19. mohit says:

    Sir !

    how can i change the email subscription in my blog i cant find the code in theme and pls guide to view in feed burner !

  20. Fz says:

    @mohit, the email subcription code found in “bookmark.php”

  21. mohit says:

    yes sir !

    thanks for reply

    i saw the code in bookmark.php but how can i get code in feedburner i unable to get code from there ! pls guide how to get the code !

  22. Fz says:

    @mohit, I have create tutorial to answer your quistion here: How to Create Email Subscriptions for Your Blog

  23. Junaid says:

    @Fz what about my problem, mentioned in the last comment?

  24. Fz says:

    @Junaid, I still do not understand about your problem. Can you explain more details of your problem?

  25. Junaid says:

    @Fz i fixed it.. 🙂

  26. junaid says:

    when we press enter button, (mean hard break), your theme do not add any spaces between the upper paragraph and the lower paragraph…
    thats the problem..

  27. Naren dran says:

    superb theme…
    i like this very much….

  28. rest says:

    do you want to tell me, how to change the main background color of this theme?

  29. Fz says:

    @rest, you can change the “background color code” in style.css to change the background color

  30. z says:

    i don’t know where the background part of style.css

  31. vmancer says:

    DG modified your theme on my blog
    that’s nice…

  32. Vikas says:

    hello Sir,
    i Want to do my blogsite into .info or .net or .com
    how can i do it n how an i install this theme
    i am new in this category

  33. Grand says:

    How to change category column on-Collections Tricks Theme Ver. 2 into two columns?


  34. Fz says:

    @Grand, For two coloum version you can download tricks2 reloaded

  35. Inside Belitung says:

    great theme!

  36. presets says:

    dear fz;
    i love this template
    is there possible to customizing in xml? for blogger.

  37. Toko Bunga di Jakarta says:

    even i am a newbie in this category, but i like this themes. i will download n instal this themes into my website 😀
    thx a lot
    Your Job is GREAT..!!!

  38. Anand says:

    I liked your new version. But I have a query.

    Is it legal to display the ad on the front page after first post?

    Will it violate Adsense TOS?

    Expecting your early reply


  39. Fz says:

    @Anand, I think google allow to display adsense after first post. To explain about it please read google suggestion here:

  40. Fz says:

    @Anand, I think google allow to display adsense after first post. To explain about it please read google suggestion here: optimizing adsense placement

  41. Women and Fashion says:

    Wow! Great Theme..! I Love ur Theme… I’ll download ur theme for my new blog… Thanks a lot 🙂

  42. Rad says:

    I have problem in activating the theme, it gives the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class RPBC in /home/bemine/public_html/wp-content/themes/Tricks-2-Reloaded/functions.php on line 91

    How can this error can be solved.


  43. Fz says:

    @Rad, it caused RPBC (related post by category) function. You can delete the RPBC function in functions.php but you must also delete the spbc code in related-post.php

  44. rochett says:

    How to setting adsense for search on this theme..??

  45. Fz says:

    @rochett, maybe this article can solve your problem : Add adsense search to tricks theme

  46. steve johnson says:

    HTML newbie, please forgive if this is off topic.

    I want my website headlines to be in a non-standard font, like the font “Kaffeesatz” in

    Is there an explanation somewhere of how this was done?

    Thanks tons,
    steve j

  47. rochett says:

    Thank You Fz, I was Succsefully setting adsense for search to this Theme, but I have another problem, how to dissapear page search on Front Page?

    Check This Pic.

  48. Fz says:

    @rochett, Login to your wordpress blog then open header.php from wp-admin editor.
    Find this php code in header.php “<?php wp_list_pages('depth=1&title_li=&sort_column=post_date'); ?>”
    Change the code above to “<?php wp_list_pages('depth=1&title_li=&sort_column=post_date&exclude=ID_YOUR_PAGE_SEARCH'); ?>”

  49. Fz says:

    @steve johnson, I’ve create this post to answer your question. Add non standard font to a Blog

  50. rochett says:

    but noting disappear…:(

  51. zaza says:

    nice themes, but how can i show my posting tag?

  52. Fz says:

    @zaza, Just add this php code: <?php the_tags(); ?>
    for more info about tag, open this link:

  53. Website Worth Calculator says:

    very nice theme, awesome. thanks for sharing it.

  54. Pritjudam says:

    Anothe great stuff from you..thank you very much! I have a to add tag list on single post?

  55. Thanks a lot dude…., i have successed install on my blog with “get the image” plugin on it.

  56. geenooz says:

    hello dude, i’ve use this theme for my site Celeb Hot News. i’ve used plugin “get the image”, but still not working.
    can you help me 😀

  57. Fz says:

    It caused the images in your blog is from external source

  58. tanjung uban says:

    please share about how to make attachment template for this themes

  59. ExamTips says:

    Thanks Best looked theme, Loved it. Image also worked.

  60. klipangstore says:

    thanks for this wordpress theme is very seo friendly i like and use it, happy blogging

  61. I use WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded I want to ask, how do I remove or delete a banner image in the header? I am still a beginner and just learning wp blog, please enlightenment

  62. Fz says:, you can delete the code in the banner.php

  63. Fz says:, it easy, just delete the code in the banner.php

  64. eko susilo says:

    Hello admin, I have just a few days using this theme.
    Then how do I change the logo on the theme “tricks collections” of this?

  65. Fz says:

    @eko susilo, just replace the logo.png with your own in the images folder

  66. salesnesia says:

    hai fz, how to remove breadcrumbs ?

  67. Fz says:

    @salesnesia, you can delete all code in “adsense-menu.php” to remove breadcrumbs

  68. Eddy says:

    hi.. first of all, great theme, loving it.
    i got a question here, can you teach me how to remove the “date” on the left then readjust content to the left side a bit.

  69. hi fz, my breadcrumb on post page is not display properly, it only show the title, the home > category > is not diplayed,, how to fix that ?

  70. Fz says:

    @ridwan setiawan, please contact me via contact form to obtain fix version bread crumb script

  71. Fz says:

    @Eddy, just delete the html script between <div class="date-wrap"> and </div> in index.php, single.php, page.php, search.php

  72. TipLogs says:

    I happened to buy a website and it was using this Tricks theme. Thanks for designing such a nice theme which loads fast.

  73. EddyGeek says:

    @fz.. just delete the code as suggested but it leave white space on the left. so how to readjust content to the left a bit.

  74. zholieh says:

    Yeah, nice theme, very simple and fast loading. i like this.

  75. Fz says:

    @EddyGeek, my suggestion to solve the problem, (1) change the widht content area is style.css. or (2) add share button on the left of content to replace the date style

  76. thanks guys…
    I was using your template for my personal blog…
    Keep share…

  77. Jackysan says:

    Dear admin..
    I’ve been add new page “Search” to display “GA for Search” like yours, but there’s can’t set the size of result box like your instruction “550px”.
    There’s an error while me add 550px size : “Must great then 798 or equals”
    Help me for instruction, please… !!!

  78. Agung Patria says:

    Hello Fz, I like your theme Tricks 2 Reloaded. Can you tell me, where is 125×125 ads on right sidebar. Why the ads not appear on sidebar?

  79. Tretan says:

    I Really2 like this theme, but I prefer Trick Collection 2 New Version then this one, like I use to my blog Tretan.Net. So, I recommend this great theme to all my friends and my blog readers
    But, I have to thank you for creating Trick Collection 2 New Version.

  80. razi says:

    why Top Bar plugin and admin bar not working in the front end

  81. Fz says:

    @Agung Patria, to add 125×125 banner, Add text widget then add this code <div class=""> advertisements code </div>. Replace advertisements code with the your 125px banner code. don’t hesitate contact me if you need help

  82. Fz says:

    @Jackysan, maybe you are right, but in my adsense account I still can create adsense for search in 550px size

  83. Syntax Error says:

    thank you dude for the theme. 😉 i’ve been downloaded it, and are ready to change to the my old one…

  84. bensap says:

    yes please make for blogspot

  85. Fz says:

    @bensap, I’ve create this theme in blogspot version, here the demo: android area

  86. Nice theme. Very like it

  87. arradys says:

    link broken,, 🙁

  88. arradys says:

    send to my email, please…

  89. wahidin says:

    hello tank’s for sharing but file not found please re upload. i like your themes

  90. Spenza Sumpiuh says:

    Mediafire link dead

  91. bore says:

    mana link downloadnya gan? where ldownload link? in mediafire show this is file deleted

  92. Wasatch Livin says:

    mantap nih theme nya, aku pake bro ^^

  93. ask your permit ot download this theme sir,i want ot build a blog and interest with this theme

  94. Info Guru says:

    oke, i want download it

  95. Izzat says:

    not find in mediafire

  96. rikad says:

    hi please reupload…
    link is broken.
    not found…

    i need this themes for my blog.

    please and thank.

  97. Fz says:

    @rikad: Download link was updated, you can try to download.

  98. Ronelex says:

    Thanks for this beautiful, can I edit this theme to make it responsive? I have some problems on the blog categories on this lines
    Audio and Video

    where to get the cat-items numbers, is it the post id?

  99. Thanks for share, im very intereste this theme..

  100. I use WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded I want to ask, how do I remove or delete a banner image in the header? I am still a beginner and just learning wp blog, please enlightenment

  101. areep says:

    i can not download this themes
    The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

  102. says:

    where is place to download

  103. says:

    why link download is errorrr

  104. Mebel Jepara says:

    it has a problem… my top most post contains image but the read more script hasn’t put image at home page?

  105. Mebel Jati says:

    Thanks for share, im very intereste this theme..

  106. Alvi says:

    Such a great template i think
    thanks Fz, good work!

  107. miftah says:

    I want to ask, how do I make sub cateogeri to appear in sidebare with the view dropdown?

  108. japar says:

    agar supaya di header bisa iklan 728×90 gimana. atau css nya.
    tolong dibantu

    jika ada tolong di kirim email

  109. Bams says:

    Thanks for sharing awesome theme, i like it!

  110. Gebyok Murah says:

    Thanks for share, im very intereste this theme..



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