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Yahoo Messenger Invisible Status Scanner


There are some reasons why someone use invisible status in the messenger yahoo, busy, private chat or the other.When someone activate “Invisible to Everyone” on the Yaho Messenger, this feature will showing offline status.To know what is someone is invisible or really offline you can use Yahoo messenger invisible status scanner.

There is many tools can be used to checking yahoo messenger online status your Friend, you can use software or online tools.

Software yahoo invisible scanner

At this time I am only knowing this software to check Yahoo Messenger Online Status is “Yahoo Invisible Scanner”. Download yahoo invisible scanner from

Online Tools

How do I use the tools? Its easy, You put a Yahoo Messenger ID in the box and press Enter. IT will check and show you if the yahoo ID is invisible, online or offline.

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10 Responses to “Yahoo Messenger Invisible Status Scanner”

  1. Dennes says:

    The best Yahoo Invisible Detector scanner 100% accurate.

  2. This nice post. So we know our friends online or not, even they invisible. Thanks

  3. Toko Gadget says:

    This good software. Thank you for sharing.

  4. invisibleim says:

    try new invisible scannerit will show avatar also if available try it

  5. peter says:

    Another useful website, it can:
    – Check the status: online, invisible, offline
    – View and download avatar
    – Add nick
    – Send the message
    – View the profile
    – 100% correct, never busy

  6. Fz says:

    @peter, thank for your info

  7. gina says:

    Try It is the latest solution for detecting invisible users with a new detection technique.

  8. sadsac says:

    I’ve stumbled upon this website that also contains a facebook/hi5 finder

    which i found being a interesting feature.


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