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YouTube Nation: DreamWorks Helps Sort Through the Daily Video Deluge


It is fair to say that YouTube and DreamWorks Animation are not the most obvious of bedfellows despite the fact that they both feature regularly when people are looking for video-based entertainment.

In what is therefore considered by some to be an unusual collaboration for both parties, these two behemoths of their genre have announced that they are co-producing an original program to air daily on what is accepted to be the world’s most popular digital destination.

YouTube Nation - DreamWorks Helps Sort Through the Daily Video Deluge

Highlights reel

The daily program is to be called YouTube Nation and is widely expected to feature a daily highlights reel designed to concentrate on what content is trending right now on the Google-owned platform.

The content will be presented in a syndicated news/magazine-style format similar in a number of ways to the way TMZ presents itself on TV.

When you consider that it has never been easier to make and distribute a video. More and more people are  using free video editing programs and video converters such as YTD and as a result, about 100 hours of video content is uploaded each and every minute on YouTube. You can quickly see that the crew of YouTube Nation will not be short of things to talk about and highlight and it may even help some viewers to get their video fix without as much searching as before.

New initiative

Although the format cannot exactly be called new when you consider what else is already out there on the internet, it does represent a new kind of initiative for YouTube as it has not been known up to this point as someone who typically programs its own content other than the occasional event like the YouTube Music Awards.

Industry analysts believe that YouTube Nation will more than likely become a popular breeding ground and catalyst for content that could quickly establish a fairly large-scale regular audience, which will be an attractive proposition for advertisers wanting to reach such a large number of users in one place.

Stretching beyond movies

The men behind the creation of YouTube Nation are programming Chief Robert Kyncl and DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is passionately committed to diversifying his company into areas beyond just the movie business despite their stellar success in that area.

Kyncl has already signed deals with Netflix and RTL to produce some original content based around similar ideas like The Croods and his company has already acquired one the fastest-growing multi-channel networks within YouTube which is Awesomeness TV, although that will continue to operate separately from YouTube Nation despite the collaborative ownership tie-in.

New era?

There is industry speculation regarding the deal as to whether it heralds the start of a new era for YouTube in terms of content strategy or whether it is more of a one-off. Serious competition abounds when it comes to entertainment on the net and YouTube Nation does not represent the same level of investment that Netflix put into producing the series House of Cards but what you can say is that there is no doubt, YouTube and DreamWorks have the knowledge and expertise to know what does and doesn’t work in this area.

YouTube Nation will certainly help people navigate through the daily deluge of video content being uploaded and highlight what they might want to watch.

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