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ZeroBounce – The Best Email Verifier System


Having a business means that you need to monitor every aspect that supports the business and one of them is choosing the perfect system of email verifier. Even though the acquisition methods of email address are mostly organic and generally following the email marketing standards, the spam traps are always around. When your customers throw complaints anywhere then your company has something serious and it cannot be ignored. Here is where the email verification system is needed at most especially if your company praises the professionalism in the highest place.

In this article, we are going to make a review of ZeroBounce, a system of email verifier you will need for your professional business. Email verification is, in fact, very essential when it comes to determining whether or not the email addresses are valid. The system will find the deliverability of each address for sure.

Features of ZeroBounce

This verifier will automatically detect any email bounce and then remove those emails with excellent efficiency. The system will also detect spam traps and email abuse. Other features of this email verification system are that it will append the email data, disposable space for email detection, and email validation API. An API will be really useful when you need to implement the software directly to your website. The system also catches all domain detection and provides overview report.


If this is your first time using the email verification system from ZeroBounce then you can have free 100 email validations. Of course, you can upgrade your plan as what you need. The plan starts from $40 for one-time payment. If you prefer subscription plan, it starts from $15.

Pros and cons

This email verification system is easy to use and the installation steps are very intuitive. The system will generate a set of codes and those codes can be directly implemented on your websites with HTML feature. The validation system performs really well with a high level of efficiency both to detect spams and reduce email bounces. You will get a 30-day satisfaction policy.

However, you may find the installation a bit tricky if you hook it through your WordPress. New users will even find it complicated. Other than that, not all sites support this system so you better read the terms and conditions along with additional information about this product. In order to get the best performance, you need to update the system on a regular basis. Still, it is one of the best email verifier brands on the market.

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