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Digital Marketing 101: The 9 Essentials For Standing Out Online


The world of marketing has changed beyond recognition in the last fifteen years. Traditional marketing relied heavily on physical aspects. Billboards, radio adverts and ads in newspapers and magazines dominated. Flyers, brochures and local presence was also very important. Nowadays, the internet has taken over. Digital marketing has altered the landscape irreversibly.

For businesses that relied on traditional marketing, it left them in quite a pickle. They couldn’t adapt fast enough and new business quickly rose to overtake them. TV, radio and billboards were replaced with social media, YouTube and search results. Online marketing is a revolutionary new system of marketing that is ever changing. Any business advisor, such as Today’s Growth Consultant, will highlight its importance. Digital marketing has opened up a level playing field as anyone has the ability to harness its power.

Digital Marketing 101 - The 9 Essentials For Standing Out Online

However, this presents a double edged sword. Although anyone and everyone can make use of online marketing, it has created a saturated market place. It is now harder than ever to stand out against the crowd. In addition to that, it is actually more complex and intricate than traditional marketing ever was. It has left many small businesses in the dark. That’s where we come in. With our years of experience, we’re here to explain the basics and help you get started.

Social Media

First up, the ubiquitous world of social media. In the digital age, people now live two lives. One in the real world, and one online. People’s entire existence is lived out online and your business needs to be a part of that. The dominant social media is, of course, Facebook. You should have a business page and use it to grow a community. Share information, content and offers and build a loyal following. Do some research into the other outlets too, as each has their own benefits. As a business, you should be using Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Figure out which ones will work best for you.


In the changing world of the internet, one technology has stood the test of time: emails. They are still the number one method of communication online. Your business should have a strong email strategy. Use sign-up sheets on your website to collect email addresses from your users and customers. Use a mass-email service to create unique and personalised newsletters. Use this to create a strong and loyal core customer base. Send them exclusive offers and important information.


SEO is a term that you may have come across online but never fully understood. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In layman’s terms, it simply means ensuring that your business comes up high on Google search. There are many tricks and skills to a good SEO strategy, and it’s best to speak to the experts. It revolves around growing a strong reputation and harnessing the power of keywords.

Online advertising

Although traditional advertising is no longer so powerful, online advertising is thriving. The reason for this is that you can target a very specific audience. Using Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, you can target a niche group of people. This is more cost effective and powerful than mass marketing to as many people as possible. For example, your business can target a specific age or gender. It can target those with specific tastes or hobbies.You can even make use of ‘retargeting’. This means that you keep track of those who show interest in your product and advertise directly to them later on.


The internet opens up a whole new world of customer information. Using a simple Google Analytics tool, you can keep track of your web traffic. That’s who comes to your website, where they live, the demographic information. This is all vital information when it comes to marketing your product. You can instantly get a good view of who your audience is. It also helps you monitor your progress. It will show you what content on your website is attracting people and how. You’ll use this to improve your product.


You’ll already have noticed the power of great content on the internet. You’ll have seen viral videos and content shared thousands of times on social media. Facebook and Twitter thrive because of quality content that is shared between communities. Your business can harness this power of content creation. You can use a blog, photography or videos to get started. Creating unique content allows you to infiltrate new markets and audiences. Great content spreads like wildfire, taking your name and website with it. It drives up website traffic, awareness and conversions.


Copywriting has always been important in marketing. It is the words that move customers to purchase the product or show further interest. Marketers have harnessed the power of words on brochures and adverts. In the digital world, it is more important than ever. People’s attention spans have diminished. Nowadays, you have to attract and convince people quickly. That’s all down to the words on your website. It’s how you convey your business and speak to your customers. It’s about communication, intrigue and convincing. Take the time to explore what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.


Many online marketers leave out this one vital service. They’re busy making an impact on Google or trying to stand out on Facebook. Don’t forget about YouTube. It is the second biggest search engine in the world. Your customers use it every single day for a number of reasons. Whatever your business, you need to find a unique way to exist on this huge platform. Use it to inform or entertain. Video and images are your most powerful assets online. Use them to your advantage.

Web Design

Finally, web design has a powerful effect on internet marketing. Web design is so much more than a pretty background for your site. It is a vital part of your branding and image perception. Any marketer will tell you the importance of perception. That all starts with web design. It should work around your marketing goals and strategy. Incorporate web design right at the start of your marketing strategy.

We hope that cuts through some of the noise when it comes to online marketing. Of course, this is only the start of your journey. Entire ebooks can be written on each of these 9 aspects and there is much still to learn. Good luck!

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