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Two Programs Will Migrate Windows 10 to SSD Without OS Reinstallation

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Two Programs Will Migrate Windows 10 to SSD Without OS ReinstallationIs it necessary to use an SSD as the system disk? How to replace your current system disk with an SSD? This post will show you two piece of third-party tools to migrate Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling operating system and applications. Why Clone Windows 10 to SSD Generally speaking, the manufacturers always use a traditional hard drive in a computer. But, as for some users, the HDD can’t meet their requirements, for example, the... [ Continue reading... ]


AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5

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AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.5Have you ever been encounter the situation that low disk space error pop up from bottom of desktop? If you have used this computer many years or you installed and downloaded many applications. The volume will be smaller and smaller without doubt. How to solve this problem? Windows built-in disk management can solve part of this problem. It could resize the data partition, for system partition, it could not extend it. Luckily, there are... [ Continue reading... ]


Free Clone Software to Avoid Data Loss

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Free Clone Software to Avoid Data LossThese days, our lives cannot be separated from personal computers and mobile phones. These gadgets give a lot of convenience and make our lives easier to live in. However, it is not always good to rely on them too much. When something goes wrong with our PC, we will not be able to work, study, or do other activities. Because of PC problem, we are also in danger of losing our data. This is, of course, very disturbing and annoying. Fortunately,... [ Continue reading... ]


AOMEI Backupper in 2016

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AOMEI Backupper in 2016Introduction Last year, we published an article about AOMEI Backupper. I still remember it is 2.5 version. Nowadays, AOMEI Backupper has already been updated to 3.2 with many new functions. So I think it is time to write an new article to introduce this simplest free PC backupper to our readers. In last article, we know it is a full scale Windows backup software. Now in its Backup interface it added a new function called File Sync. It is... [ Continue reading... ]


SnowFox Screen Recorder Free License Key

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SnowFox Screen Recorder Free License KeySnowFox software will give away SnowFox Screen Recorder free license key from December 7th to December 11th, 2011. Normal price full version of the software is $23.20. Screen recorder is a software that has functions such as Ashampoo Snap. SnowFox Screen Recorder is powerful software to capture screen activity in you computer and save them as AVI, MP4, FLV, SWF or WMV.  If you often creates tips n tricks and tutorial, you can use this useful... [ Continue reading... ]


Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8 with 8 Skin Pack

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Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8 with 8 Skin PackMake Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8 with Skin Pack. This 8 skin pack is created by HamedDanger and uploaded in deviant art website. On the past I also posted about Ubuntu 11 skin pack for windows 7 that created by HamedDanger. 8 Skin Pack is free transformation pack tool to make windows 7 experience look like windows 8. This skin pack will change shell style, start button, theme, etc. in the windows 7 desktop and it also add metro theme and... [ Continue reading... ]


CWSM: Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

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CWSM: Windows 7 Classic Start MenuCWSM is short of Classic Windows Start Menu. The CWSM is start menu replacement program that replace the default start menu in windows 7 with start windows classic menu. Since windows vista version, Microsoft has removed classic start menu feature from their windows OS. But with Classic Windows Start Menu you can deliver classic start menu to windows 7 easily. Classic Windows Start Menu (CWSM) is portable program so you can use and run the... [ Continue reading... ]

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