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Free Epson Resetter and canon service tools for Canon printer also, free test print software for dot matrix printer types.

Free EPSON Resetter:

  • SSCLG Software/SSCServe free Epson resetter for almost all Epson printers. This software support wide range Epson printer type, C series, CX series, R series, PM series and more.

Canon Service Tools (Software Resetters Canon Printers)

Test print software FOR Dotmatrix Printers ( Windows 95, 98, ME)

  • 24Pin Test
  • 9Pin Test
  • 24pin Test (line)

For tutorial to reset Epson, Canon, Brother and other printer types can can be found on other article in this blog.


40 Responses to “Download”

  1. ibmgy says:


    Could you tell me how can i reset cartridge level on Canon Pixma MP190.

    i’m reffiled my cartridge PG37 (black).

    I trying the MP Tool 0.9.6 version.
    This program is see the priter, but i can’t do it anything…

    Have you got any useful advice.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Ulricsam says:


    please help, I have epson cx5500, i try’d to clean and reset the printer. it was successfully but why is it the problem turn back again when I switch on the printer?

    There is an error when I click the “Get Status” the error message is “Ink Overflow”
    What is the possible problem? Do I need to reset the Chips of the cartridge? or but new cartridge?

    Thanks in advance

  3. archie says:

    plz help me with my canon ip1000 pixma, after i produce the manual resetting in my printer and i test the nozzle pattern it came out that was no print out, but when i head clean my printer looks like it ok and when i suck the ink from the head it ok their was no clog…

  4. rolando baes says:

    A question for mr. nelson.

    May I know the error being displayed on your printer status monitor? I have 5 T10 printers and printed at least 10,000 pages per printer, but until now, I haven’t encountered errors regarding resetting.

    Cartridge not detected are the common errors I’ve encountered. This can be corrected by changing the cartridge chip.

    By the way, all the T10 printers are converted with Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) to save ink cost.

    I’ve learned that T10 came out of the market last year (mid-year). Starting first week of February this year, I’ve been looking for resetters (adjustment programs) but until now I found nothing.

    Unlike my C59 and C90, after printing 7000 pages, I have to use the adjustment program of the specified printers.

    Thank God, the programs can be downloaded from this website. Thanks a lot guys, for sharing!

    More power!

    Posted by rolando baes 11:00 pm, March 9, 2009

  5. jyc says:

    my printer is pixma Mp220.
    Do u mind sending me any software that could reset my printer.

    Coz i my printer could not read the volume of black and colour ink. I had just refilled these cartridge.


  6. JUSTINEJAY says:


  7. wilfei says:

    i just want to express my gratitude for being a very helpful website!!! thank you very much from the bottom of mt heart!!

  8. joe says:

    how do i use the adjustment program of epson c90 to reset my epson c90 printer?

    thanks a lot..

  9. Fauzan says:

    @Joe, reset procedure for epson C90 please read this tutorial (click the link below). Follow steps by steps in the article, it’s work in Epson C90.

  10. zmthant says:

    Plz! help me I want to run MP 145 Ink Reseter. who can send me this software at

  11. marvin says:

    Pixma MPxxx

    Following is the procedure to reset the waste ink counter for the Canon Pixma MP XXX
    1) With the printer powered off but connected to a power source, press the Power button while pressing and holding
    the Stop/ Reset button.
    2) When the Power is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times while pressing and holding the Power button.
    3) When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a
    service mode. (Waiting for menu selection)
    4) When the on/off lights in green, press the Stop/Reset button 4 times, the specified number of time(s) according to the
    function listed in the table below.(Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in
    orange and green, starting with orange.)note: press 4 times for waste ink counter reset.
    The number of the Reset
    button pressing
    LED Function Remarks
    0 time Green Power off
    1 time Orange Service pattern print
    2 times Green EEPROM print
    3 times Orange EEPROM reset
    4 times Green Waste ink counter reset
    5) Turn off the printer.( it must be turn off)
    then turn it on again.

    i got this somewhere in internet.,. good luck guys.,.

  12. anna says:

    would u send me all adjustment for espon printer ? cos my work is related to this!
    Thank so much…

  13. Fauzan says:

    @anna, sorry I can’t send all adjustment to you, becuse my internet connections is slow. I’m using dial-up connection. Sorry

  14. mildred says:

    im using epson stylus CX 1500 and its status says “Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer documentation”

    kindly help me trouble shoot this…

    thank u very much…

  15. jasonpriest says:

    yes mate i load down epson cx7300 and it work on the dx 7400
    got to change the date to 11 april 2008
    work very good

  16. mark says:

    i tried your download for the epson R290 and it used to work a treat. but now when i open up the software and click on particular adjustment mode nothing responds. the only button that responds is the quit button. can you please help.

  17. hamadi says:

    i have a canon printer mp 140 all in one
    the connection with the Pc is not stable

  18. Fz says:

    @hamadi, maybe any error in your OS or USB cable or driver. Maybe this solution can resolve your problem:

    1. Install newest driver for your epson printer.
    2. check cable conditions or using another cable.
    3. or reinstall your OS

  19. usman says:

    thanks for a very good work
    did you adjustmant program for epson t50 ort55

  20. Shadab says:

    I tried T50 reseter but ended with error, I am using Windows XP.
    Any advice, what is wrong in it,
    Thank you, you have put tons of softwares to help us, I wish I would have reached on your site before.

  21. Hery says:

    I have a prblm on my printer Canon Pixma iP2200, i.e. “Waste ink absorber is full”. I ‘ ve downloaded the respected software resetter and follow the guide, but after clicking “lock release” the choice to select printer are among other are iP2200E and iP2200J. There is no iP2200. I’ve tried to choose iP2200E continued with clear waste ink counter (clicking Main / Platen),but no responding, also with iP2200J. Could you help me how to solve it? I am waiting for your quick respond. thanks. Regards. Hery.

  22. Fz says:

    @Hery, Manual Reset for Canon IP2200 maybe it work on your printer and solve your problem

    1. turn off printer and unplug power cable.
    2. press and hold power button.
    3. while pressing power button insert plug the power cable.
    4. Press resume button 2 times.
    5. release Power button.

  23. Xzone says:

    sir request iptools for canon ip2770

  24. carlregencia says:

    OrTHoTaMine… Please help us.. In our Epson T13 Printers..

    We cannot use it coz of “Service required message” …

    We are very tired of paying people to reset our printers..

    From time to time..

    Some of them not really resetting our printer counter into 0 (zero).. Coz i experience in less than a week.. It displays again “Service Required”..please….

  25. NMSundaram says:

    We will highly appreciate it if you will lend us the resetter for T13/T22E..

    Its really hard to find in the net..

  26. erick says:

    gud day… i need resetter for T10 and T13, please help me……..thank you very much..

  27. dino says:

    i wanna download iptool for ip2770 pixma pls. advice how or where

  28. waway says:

    hi,We will highly appreciate it if you will lend us the resetter for T13
    i need that tnx.

  29. Pete says:

    Is there an ink waste pad program to reset the production counter on a Epson S21

  30. Ankit says:

    best blog ever! keep up the good work mates!
    i will upload some info on laser printers if its permitted,…i am oke with laser printers

  31. Dreamland Computer says:

    please upload adjustment program for Canon IP4200. It is showing service error(6A00).

  32. Fz says:

    @Dreamland Computer, Maybe this reset method can solve your printer problem, open this link to view the reset method:

  33. rustom quesada says:

    I couldn’t thank you enough, OrTHoTaMiNe. 2 hours ago my EPSON T30 stopped printing in the middle of a job and started flashing its lights.Then I couldn’t get it to print. I got worried sick ‘coz I still have lots of documents to print.

    I hurriedly searched the internet for a solution and was lucky enough to stumble on this page. Immediately, my big problem was solved.

    Thank you so much.

  34. Abul Hasan says:

    Hi, do you have resetter for epson TX60? Please Help me.

  35. Fz says:

    @Abul Hasan, You can download Resetter Epson TX60 here:

  36. riyelle says:

    is there any reseter in cannon mp198?

  37. Ron says:

    good day, is there an epson r230 resetter for MAC ? Thanks

  38. Fz says:

    @Ron, I think there no resetter for MAC OS. All software reseter designed for windows user


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