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Incredible WordPress Portfolio Themes

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Incredible WordPress Portfolio ThemesDesigning a website using the WordPress platform is not a new concept at all. However, you can stand out from the crowd and show yourself using a variety of WordPress Themes. Indeed, WordPress is the best platform when it comes to simplicity and variety of themes. If you want to design your own website, but you are not sure as to which themes will make your websites attractive and unique, here is a guide to help you. 1.... [ Continue reading... ]


Decoration Theme, Free Premium WP Theme

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Decoration Theme, Free Premium WP ThemeDecoration Theme is Adsense Ready, SEO friendly, minimalist and Wordpress theme with premium features. Decoration Themes is specially created for (my other blog). After a few days develop this wordpress theme, finally this theme is ready to share. There a few features which I like from this themes, among other is this theme minimalist, white and clean. This wordpress themes also support for the latest version of... [ Continue reading... ]


WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded Available for Download

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WordPress Theme Tricks 2 Reloaded Available for DownloadActually I created “Tricks 2 Reloaded theme” is for my other blog, but after I tested this theme on this blog many readers ask how to get this theme for their own blog. Tricks 2 Reloaded theme actually is not new version of tricks theme but this theme is modified version from Tricks 2 Wordpress Theme but I have added a few features on this theme such as PageNavi ready, related post script and breadcrumb so if you install this theme in... [ Continue reading... ]


Tricks Theme V2 BlogSpot Version Available for Download

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Tricks Theme V2 BlogSpot Version Available for DownloadAfter release Tricks themes V2 Wordpress version,  Tricks collections theme V2 BlogSpot version now available for download. Like the "tricks theme v2" wordpress version, on blogspot version have almost the same features such as social bookmarking buttons, related post, favicon ready, etc and on the blogspot version also Adsense ready. If you need a Adsense ready template for blogspot is you can download this template. I've embed adsense... [ Continue reading... ]


Tricks Collections SEO Friendly WordPress Theme V2

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Tricks Collections SEO Friendly WordPress Theme V2After success with tricks theme version 1 and develop a few weeks Tricks Collections themes v2 now Tricks themes ver. 2 ready for download. Unlike previous versions of tricks themes, this version of WP theme now using fixed layout and come with smaller width size. That's it? No, there are some new features on this theme. I've added social bookmarking buttons, related post with different background color, added new icon, and so Adsense ready.... [ Continue reading... ]


Tricks Collections Theme-SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

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Tricks Collections Theme-SEO Friendly WordPress ThemesResponding to requests from Delvit, I finally decided to share and upload this theme on this blog. The structure of this theme I made to SEO friendly and Adsense Ready and its only available for Wordpress platform and on my plans I will make this themes availabe for Blogspot version. This theme has a neat heading structure and with a very fast loading and this themes also has valid W3C CSS and XHTML. Why its important? because one of the factors... [ Continue reading... ]


Beautiful and Elegant Themes for WordPress

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Beautiful and Elegant Themes for WordPressAfter few days try transfered joomla themes to wordpress themes, the final can transfered two themes. The two of wordpress themes has tested and valid W3C XHTML and CSS. If you want to use this theme for your wordpress blog, Please change advertisement codes in the sidebar of this themes. But all themes not widget ready if you want to add a widget must edit the sidebar manually. To use this wordpress theme in there are some plugin that must... [ Continue reading... ]

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