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3 Things to Avoid when Building Your Online Portfolio

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3 Things to Avoid when Building Your Online PortfolioIn the age of millennials, Facebook and social media, and a time when most services are promoted digitally, having an online portfolio is less of a choice, and more of an imperative. This statement rings true whether you're a journalist, photographer, fashion designer or any other creative person. It's also applicable to freelancers who would like to display the fruits of their past labors and careers in an efficient and well-laid out way.... [ Continue reading... ]


Introduction To Online Trading

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Introduction To Online TradingOnline trading is the process in which individual traders, buy and sell securities over an electronic network by using the services of an online broker or a brokerage firm. A broker is a person licensed to trade shares while charging a commission. A share or stock is a tiny piece of the corporation whose value depends mainly on the economic conditions, company performance and investors attitude. When the enterprise makes the profit, the... [ Continue reading... ]


Accepting Online Payments Like a Pro

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Accepting Online Payments Like a ProNew online shops are popping up by the day to meet the demands of an increasingly digitalized public. But whenever customers move online, fraudsters and hackers are bound to follow, especially if you live in a hot spot for e-commerce fraud. If you are planning on selling products or services through a web store, it’s a good idea to review what preventative measures you can put in place to protect your customers, and your business. Trust is... [ Continue reading... ]


AOMEI Technology Developed an Free Online APP – MultCloud

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AOMEI Technology Developed an Free Online APP – MultCloudWhy need MultCloud? Nowadays, many people have cloud drives, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, icloud, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and on. Especially young people, they often own several cloud services, either different brand or same brand. Why they want to create multiple cloud drives accounts? Because curiosity is the nature of younger. Different cloud drives have different features, they want to enjoy different fun. Then question comes, how to... [ Continue reading... ]


Top 3 Unique Features of Facetime

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Top 3 Unique Features of FacetimeAs the technology becomes even more creative and inventive, there are already created ways in which you can communicate with someone face to face. If you want to call and talk to someone, you can do it through the use of your Apple device. This Facetime App is a must if you are using Apple products such as iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch as well as your Mac computer. Facetime enables you to contact someone and do video chat with him or her... [ Continue reading... ]


Top 5 Best Web Services You Should be Using

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Top 5 Best Web Services You Should be UsingWe use the Internet everyday but many of us aren’t using it to its fullest. This selection of excellent services are devoted to making your time online more productive and fun. So turn on that new machine from Lenovo and learn how to truly get ahead in the information age. Dropbox Are you regularly sharing files between home and work computers or need to send files to others over the Internet? Dropbox is the final word in cloud storage -... [ Continue reading... ]


Microsoft-Google Partnership for the YouTube Application

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Microsoft-Google Partnership for the YouTube ApplicationThe internet giant, Google announced a partnership with Microsoft on a new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8. Follow up competition with Microsoft about YouTube application that unauthorized, both of these giants appears to be in to resolve the dispute between them. Previously, Google asked Microsoft to remove its application on May 22, 2013. But, Microsoft is rumored to deliver solutions to address some of the Google problems of the fourth... [ Continue reading... ]

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