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Free AVG Internet Security 2011 License Key for One Year


Good news, AVG giving away free license key AVG Internet Security 2011 for one year. To get the license code you must join AVG community to get full premium protection for one year. Price of AVG IS 2011 for one year and one user license is $54.99 but you can get the software on the AVG promo for free.

AVG Internet Security 2011 offer complete and ultimate PC protection when online and this software is Ranked #1 in independent antivirus tests. With AVG IS 2011 software you can receive best protection when shop and bank online, protect you when surf and download and also protect you while you use social networks such as facebook, twitter, etc.

AVG Inernet Security 2011 Promo License Key

How to get Free License Key AVG Internet Security 2011

  • Open AVG Internet Security 2010 at:
  • Fill in the form on the page with you valid email plus the name of person who recommended this software to you then click continue. Download the version AVG software on the next page.
  • Wait for a few days because the license code will send to you in a few days.

Download Offline Installer AVG Internet Security 2011. Check put also my previous post about: Anti-Virus AVG 2011 Free edition.

Update: The promo license on the link mentioned above has ended. Other promo AVG Internet Security 2011 License key: (But the AVG 2011 license key in this promo active for 3 month only)

Posted by Fz 110 Responses

110 Responses to “Free AVG Internet Security 2011 License Key for One Year”

  1. niroop says:

    Thanks for the info…….

  2. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  3. SUMA says:

    After fill up the AVG 2011 1Year promo form They recommend to download a 4MB .exe file and they will send a activation code. So I want to say what is the meaning of 4mb file and Will that key activate full AVG NTERNET SECURITY 2011??

  4. Fz says:

    @SUMA, I don’t know but its also say “Thanks for joining the AVG community. We’ll send you your license code in a few days.”

  5. RASH says:

    FRIENDS why dnt we download full version of avg internet security y just 4 mb?

  6. Fz says:

    @RASH, The file is AVG Internet Security downloader, when you run the file it will download the AVG IS 2011, To download full offline installer you can download from softpedia, majorgeek, cnet or other

  7. Tony says:

    Hi friends dont be panic with the 4mb littile cat of AVG.
    Its only a online installer for AVG Internet Security 2011.

    You can optain a portable or reusable package of AVG IS 2011 by following the steps given below..

    2)click on the link “download AVG Internet Security 2011?

    follow this ->

    And click on
    “download offline version (32bit)”

    “download offline version (64bit)”

    1) Pls dont download 64bit version AVG IS 2011 guys who are working in Xp service pack 2. (AVG IS 2011 32bit is suitable )

    2) For Windows 7 you can download AVG IS 2011 (64bit)

    Enjoy this : )

  8. Fz says:

    Thank tony for useful info

  9. john says:

    please allow the download as a friend of mine recommended it to be very good

  10. Mike says:

    Recieved my license today.

  11. Fz says:

    yes, I have receive my license key today on my email 😀
    thanks AVG

  12. lacus says:

    just got mine too! thanks AVG, thanks tricks-collections…

  13. abid fakhrea alam says:

    how to download free avg internet security 2011

  14. Fz says:

    @abid fakhrea alam, you can view Tony’s comment above and follow the tutorial on the comment above. Now I using AVG internet security on my computer and using the key from this AVG promo

  15. Whale says:

    Hello Sir/ma. Am so sorry to disturb you patient and pls i need AVG 2011 License key coz my PC is freezing already and never want to loss all my Data yet.i beg any one who have it plssss

  16. Hung says:

    thanks you for share.

  17. Hung says:

    how long do i have a key AVG internet security 2011???

  18. vmancer says:

    thank you for your kindness…
    This is very helpful

  19. alexander Anto says:

    i have installed avg internet security 2011, and how am i get license key to be full version ? tks

  20. Fz says:

    @alexander Anto and all, the free license key offer in AVG promotional website has ended

  21. AAAA says:

    9I-NH37Z-RY268-HGY9A-FR72B-XNK3G this is the serial number if it does not work i will cut my nose

  22. jmj says:

    where can i find the security code??

  23. Fz says:

    @jmj, sorry, the giveaway on the link mentioned above has ended

  24. kamal says:

    as the link mentioned has ended , is there anyother solution to get the free licence key if any plz help me

  25. anbu says:

    I am really satistid. please send full version avg 2011 Internet security with product key

  26. dinesh says:

    ya thats true
    i have an activation code till 2018

  27. Madhawa says:

    thkzz Dinesh..
    the key that you send here really help for me.. thkzz alot bro 4 ur help…

  28. mucho_21 says:

    dinesh…! thanks a lot, it really works for 2018!!
    i thought its a joke,but im wrong.. hehehe! thanks again 4 your help..!

  29. hotchkissoutlaw says:

    thank you I have allways loved avg and this is great

  30. johnsteven05 says:

    thanks buddy. it works;-)
    You’re a big help.

  31. Baginda_Koko says:

    Still Downloading… thx anyway dinesh…!!!

  32. joshy says:

    hey buddy,… 8MEH-RS47Y-82HT8-GONVA-BCCCZ-DEMBR-ACED is not working. it said wrong format

  33. balu says:

    thanks dear this is working as of now will there be any problems in future

  34. bhupain says:

    dude this key is for avg 9.0 but also works in avg 2011

  35. Yuvi says:


    It really works, thank you for the help….

  36. srinivas says:

    Thanks dinesh it worked, amazing, thanks dude,

  37. nmilton says:

    what is the key code for avg 2011

  38. shyam sundar says:

    what is the license key for avg anti virus 2011 version 10.0.1170?..The link given here is not working..

  39. shyam sundar says:

    hey..the key


    is working..I got my licence till 2018..Thankz for the help..

  40. JohnC says:

    Thanks alot for the code, really appreciate it ^^

    2 Thumbs up

  41. balu says:

    thnks dinesh it really wrkssssssssss

  42. hamzah says:

    hi…can u give me free key for avg internet security business edition 2011

  43. pramil says:

    thnx dinesh…

  44. kyle says:

    thank u soooo much!

  45. Jason Ng says:

    thanks Dinesh

  46. Jason Ng says:

    what company do we fill in?

  47. king says:

    hey..the key


    is working..I got my licence till 2018..Thankz for the help..

  48. willamjohnny says:

    thanz dude..its working

  49. gustu says:

    bro dinesh, thx a loooooooottttt
    exp date is 2018!
    trust me it works!

  50. N Guntaka says:

    Thnks friends!!!!
    Its working am very much thnkfull to u guys….

  51. destan says:

    yo bro dinesh…
    thanks alot man..
    its working for me!!

  52. ROHAN says:

    THANKS dude its working

  53. Mohamed says:

    Thanks Friend its working

  54. cozmik says:

    yeah its working… thanks a lot… 😀

  55. Mohammed says:

    Thank you it works

  56. Addy says:

    thanks brooo..its working………..

  57. mohamed shawky says:

    thanks man you are a man of the year

  58. Anand says:

    Thanks.Its working

  59. halim says:

    thanks mate. the best xmas present for me 🙂

  60. maxwell says:

    Thanks mate, this is awesome! You’re awesome!

  61. Shoaib says:

    Now that offer expired 🙁

  62. bilal says:

    yeah dude..! its working.. thanks..!!

  63. Fadi says:

    ” free Internet Security 2011 giveaway is now over.” what should I do ??? please help..

  64. Geoff says:

    Hey – You’re a champion mate!

    Fadi, Download the 30 day trial (and use the 30 day trial) then use key above.

  65. Pramil donawat says:

    YO bro never thought i’ll get it so easily
    and that too till 2018
    thanks a lot man u really helped a lot

  66. ramiro says:

    Thanks too much brother! god bless you for you help, the world needs persons as you. Thanks! from argentina

  67. Syam says:

    Happy NEW YEAR ALL…!!!
    Hope You All all Right!!

  68. Syam says:


  69. Syam says:

    Remember this Code is Useable and working guys..!!

  70. Blackkriss says:


  71. Hardik says:

    Thank you……………v.v.v.v.v. much…….
    I have saved the key for further use……..

  72. sunil( says:

    thanks dude………………….

  73. Jaitra says:

    thanks a ton guys for the key

  74. uSman says:

    wow bro its great. it really worked. i can’t beleive

  75. hanan says:

    Thanks a bundle…. its working 🙂

  76. imran says:

    Please Send Me Free AVG Internet Security 2011 License Key for One Year”.

  77. sahil saini says:

    pls give me free key as i m a relular customer of ur free edition.


  78. Paula says:

    Hey, the key is working!! Thanks so much!!

  79. Hemal says:

    i want free licence key for avg 11
    can u please help me?

  80. marc says:

    Download AVG internet security from C-net downloads, add the above key and you will have protection until 2018!!, thats right, 7 years free total internet protetion.

  81. tushar says:

    hey thanks marc…. it realy worked…
    and protection till 2018

  82. joey8799 says:

    Nice the code worked thanks marc fully protected until 2018 awesome man way to be thanks a million

  83. Kisko says:

    thank you all for help

  84. Subhro says:

    Superb man superb, Dunno in which way to Thank you. Had we been near we cud have gone to a party 🙂

  85. Ronit massey says:

    Thankxxx…UUUUU ist really work..

  86. Hungarian Player says:

    Syam thankyou for key you are the best!!

  87. Nissim says:

    Thnks a ton guys…its WORKING…till 2018!!!! u rock!!!

  88. Aam M. M. says:

    Hellowww, thanks for Syam and Marc it’s really works among 7 years till 2018 euyyyy ….

  89. Ajay says:

    Its great thank u soo much for the key……

  90. nitin says:

    i need 1 year serial key for avg internet security 2011

  91. ALAM TAPON says:

    Hi I need free license key AVG Internet Security 2011 for one year can you send me in my mail address . Thank you

  92. James says:

    Thanks a lot for the info!! Is the license key compatible with AVG Anti-virus other than AVG Internet Security? Thanks! 🙂

  93. emilio says:

    thanks soo much 2018!!!!!

  94. Rishi Rana says:

    thank u some much dude…. it really works.
    i suggest all of us to follow the same free, its safe and free.

    Rishi Rana

  95. cristy says:

    how to download avg 2018,pls help i dont know it what shall i do …thank you

  96. patrick says:


    wowwwwww thanks guys its working like ever, thanks brothers, you guys save me a huge problem

  97. Georgia says:

    Hello! I need free license key AVG Internet Security 2011 if possible for one year. Please let me know…Thank you

  98. Moran says:

    Thank u so much Mr. Mark….

  99. M. Ray Han Khan says:

    Please provide me expound update version serial codes for AVG anitivirus

  100. chapsotha says:

    It’s new version can popular to anyone use it

  101. damini says:

    yipee 8MEH-R6FE9-FFP64-T84MR-OGWTV-7­­EMBR-ACED…. thanx a lot..dude .. u rock

  102. migs says:

    god! thank you so much for this code(8MEH-R6FE9-FFP64-T84MR-OGWTV-7­­EMBR-ACED) it really works…Your not selfish. Godbless!!! it stops annoying me now the activation blah blah blah..thanks a lot <3

  103. jas says:

    thnk u very much………………. these worked……………………………….till 2018

  104. dhondu says:

    behan k lode itne logo ne likh rkha tah pehle se dikh nahi raha tah ??

  105. Jomar says:

    This actually worked! thank you very much! :))

  106. dan says:



  107. Moh Bankrua says:

    8MEH-R6FE9-FFP64-T84MR-OGWTV-7­­EMBR-ACED It’s work , good.


  108. Ahmed Tounsy says:

    hey guys
    when i entered 8MEH-RCFXA-ZDCKS-8ROGA-G7LCQ-7EMBR-ACED in license box a message says “An error occurred when saving the configuration.Specified file was not found”
    what can i do??
    plz need help

  109. Andreea says:

    Hi! I need a “Free AVG Internet Security 2011 License Key for One Year.” Thank you so muuch!:)

  110. heather says:

    woah! it worked! expires in 2/26/2018 .. wooow! thank you so much! i hope my pc is now fully protected. thanks for the key.. GOD Bless ya’all :)))

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