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Giveaway PearlMountain Image Converter License Code


I got 20 license codes for PearlMountain Image Converter from PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd. The PearlMountain Image Converter License Codes will be given to all readers as giveaway. Normally. the Image Converter software cost $39.90 for 1 user license.

PearlMountain Image Converter is a powerful software that user to convert photo/image to other images format. In additions to convert images, this software provides most useful tools for your photos or images collections. This Image converter software also allow user to resize, rotate, crop, add watermark, apply effects and add border to the images. PearlMountain Image Converter support batch conversion, you can convert and work with thousands of images at a time.

PerlMountain Image Converter

PearlMountain Image Converter features:

  • With batch conversion features this software can convert thousands of files at once.
  • The input, support most images format and the output file support 7 image format only (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TGA, and PSD).
  • Save operations that usually used as profiles and use the profiles in the future when convert any the image again.
  • Convert, re-size, rotate, crop, add watermark to the  photo in easy ways.
  • Support almost all images format. for more info about this software can be viewed here: perlmountain image converter

Giveaway PearlMountain Image Converter License Code

PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd. provides 20 license codes for these image converter software. The software will be given to this blog readers. If you are interested to obtain the license code, please follow the giveaway rules:

  • Leave a comment in this topic and write your reason “why you  need the software?” (only qualified comments that will be approved)
  • Once your comment approved, I’ll send 1 license code to your email (1 reader can get 1 license only)
  • Share this post with your friend in social bookmark (optional)

PearlMountain Image Converter work under Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Support 32 and 64 bit Windows version.

Posted by Fz 37 Responses

37 Responses to “Giveaway PearlMountain Image Converter License Code”

  1. Roberto Quero Amate says:

    Very good program. Is easy to use. Is fast. Very Godd.

  2. paddy says:


    Very handy application that i could put to good use using the batch convert option to convert many product shots into the same size and format for display on a ecommerce site that displays products in the same size.

    Please count me in for this.


    Good Luck to All.

  3. Ethan! says:

    Woooowww,This is fantastic Giveaway,I love this software,I always convert my Phot Online without any program :(,I have no opportunity to buy a program.I hope to have a little luck to win a licnse.

    Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway!!/Kliton_/status/195101250885394432

  4. Owen says:

    I work with hundreds of photo’s every week (as a hobby) and the batch image
    converter would safe me a lot of time, the resize and watermark features are
    also great for web upload’s.


  5. joa13 says:

    I think this software is all-in-one to edit images end convert them to another format. I want to win this software. Great contest. Please count me in. 🙂!/joapio13/status/195188775645745152

  6. MIT THAKKAR says:

    I want it to customize my project pictures and other family and friend pictures…

  7. Dark says:

    Great program. Thanks for giveaway.

  8. Fz says:

    @aal check the license in your email inbox

  9. kurtumi says:

    Thank you Fauzan Akhmadi , I received my license.

  10. kousik says:

    Woooowww,This is fantastic Giveaway,I love this software,I always convert my Phot Online without any program ,I have no opportunity to buy a program.I hope to have a little luck to win a licnse.

    Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway! plz i need it

  11. Ethan! says:

    I’am very very happy,Thanks Very Very Mach!!!!

  12. paddy says:


    Thankyou for the licence, much appreciated.

  13. Damian says:

    Great program. Thanks for giveaway.

  14. Brian says:

    Please do not put me in the Draw.
    I just want to say that I have the program,
    and it is exelent go luck everyone.

  15. Roberto Zennaro says:

    I’ve ’round 12000 photos….. i think I need it….


  16. Matias says:

    I´d love to win one license of this software, because it is much more complete that Paint Shop Pro for batch converting images! Much easier and faster, with more options! Thank you!

  17. FREEEEMAN says:

    Thanks ! I wanna arrange my photos from last autumn…

  18. Shahid Raza says:

    this is very easy to use

  19. Low says:

    In need of a software to convert scanned documents in PNG format to JPEG format. Also, batch conversion is nice.

    From the picture above, I kind of like the UI.

  20. Doru says:

    I wanted because i need in my work.

  21. ferer says:

    wonderfull ,, hello do you like many software , I think you have many usefull software but them not upload by you

  22. Greg says:

    I usually the size convert multiple images (photos) to smaller images

  23. eric says:

    I love this software. it will help me full cause i want to customize pictures collection. please count me in.

  24. Uday says:

    firstly i would like to thank for this giveaway…………… this is a great software and i am hopeful that i can put it to good use….i am hopeful that i may be the lucky person to get 1 of these licenses!

  25. Fz says:

    @all check the license in your email inbox. All license has been granted to the lucky readers. The giveaway ended

  26. stella says:

    i need it because i want to edit my family photo..

  27. antal stefan says:

    for personal use

  28. Sujan Chandra says:

    To try the software and see whether it will be useful for my professional need as a visual artist. If useful i will purchase it.

  29. thirumurugan says:


    what an superb application for making photo batch conversion .. its handle simple easy step and make it very fast with good satisfaction.

  30. Fhernan Mangali says:

    As a parents of 3 students,i always make sure that my students use a software that suite their needs such as features and ease of it.I’ve tested several collage software product including Pearl Mountain Collage It, “two thumbs up” Collage It by Pearl Mountain indeed is a all in one package for my students.Congratulation! for this wonderful software.

  31. Hamza says:

    i need it because photography is my passion and i want to take, create and share great photos and learn new ways of presenting them.

  32. vardaan says:

    I am a student who requires to convert many images to different formats so that pictures can be viewed and edited easily. This is one of the best softwares and makes it easy for me to use as its very user friendly.

  33. msbyuva says:

    I went through MRI and received DISC from the hospital, I have to send the images to my uncle who will give me a advise.. I am real need.. please help..!!

  34. dyan widhy says:

    I need this sofware damn much beacause my pictures can’t opened. Hundreds of it on PEF and I must convert them all to view and then send to my friends. This is not ordinary pictures, may this extra ordinaire pict cause I took them at the national conference of organisation. the participants is all of litterature francais student in Indonesie. like Medan, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Makassar, Manado, Malang, Bandung and many more. I hope to have a little luck to win a license. cant wait to see your reply on my email.

  35. Arun Kumar N says:

    Dear Team, I need this code for my education purpose. I have a AVI file with me and I want to covert to PDF or any other document file extension. I’m not able to watch video for long time

  36. kingshuk says:

    i need it because i want to edit my family photo..


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