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NeatMP3 – Free Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X


Collecting music from the Internet or from other sources is an activity that most people enjoy but can create a real mess on your hard drive if you don’t organize the newly added files straight away and leave them scattered in different locations.

NeatMP3 is the perfect tool that you can use to solve such a problem. NeatMP3’s main advantage over other music organizers is that it can merge all the scattered audio files on your hard drive and organize them neatly in a single output folder.

NeatMP3 – Free Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X

Most of you have probably worked with complex software programs that had dozens of strange options that did not make any sense in the context of what you were trying to do. NeatMP3 comes with a very big improvement in that area and offers a simple and intuitive interface that users will understand right off the bat.

The way NeatMP3 works is very simple. First of all, you add the audio files (MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, MPC, AIFF, ASF or MP4) that you want to organize. It is important to remember that you can add files that reside in different locations on your hard drive thus allowing you to easily merge them under the form of a single compact music collection.

NeatMP3 – Free Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X 2

After you have finished adding your files you have to choose how they will be organized in the output folder. For example you can choose a structure like Genre/Year that will generate a set of folders, each of them corresponding to a genre that you have in your collection. Each folder will contain subfolders corresponding to all the years of the songs that belong to that genre. And, as you can imagine, each year folder will contain the songs that fit the description of their folder path. This way you get a perfectly ordered music collection in which searching for a specific song will be easier than ever.

But NeatMP3 does not only organize your music, it also renames your audio files according to a predefined pattern that you select. An example of such a pattern would be Artist-Title (Year). This way you can say goodbye to all the annoying “Track X.mp3” type files.

NeatMP3 – Free Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X 3

In order for NeatMP3 to achieve all that was described earlier it needs to read the ID3 tags of the audio files that were selected. Most music files have valid ID3 tag information and they will be processed automatically by NeatMP3 without requiring the user’s intervention. Even so, there might be some files that have incomplete or invalid tag information. When NeatMP3 finds such a file it first tries to auto-complete as much information as it can by analyzing the original file name and if that fails it launches an edit dialog that enables the user to manually input the tag information.

Note that NeatMP3 can also be a very useful tag editor that allows you to edit the tags of the files you select without necessarily having to organize them. Unicode characters are fully supported so you can use NeatMP3 to organize audio files no matter the language in which their tags are written.

The final step that you need to take in order to finish setting up NeatMP3 is to select the folder where you want your audio files to be moved. You also have the option to delete the original unorganized files in order to save disk space. Now all you have to do is press Start and watch how NeatMP3 organizes your music.

The standard edition of NeatMP3 is completely free and offers all the features described in this article, practically everything you need to keep your music collection in top shape at all times. But if you want even more advanced features like custom search, drag & drop or output path preview then you can buy the Pro edition of NeatMP3 which only costs $10. By doing so you get 24/7 technical support, lifetime upgrades and many other advantages. For downloads and more information please visit

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