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Tips and Tricks for Your Blog’s Design


Designing your website isn’t an easy task. And things are different if you want to build a blog. Whether your blog stands on its own or is a part of your wider website, its content is at its center. You can take a very simple approach to the design of your blog. But if you want to take it seriously, you might want to go further. You can do more than choose a theme from your website builder and adding some widgets. To take your blog to another level, you can think about how best to keep people on your site. Use the following methods to make your blog the best it can be.

Tips and Tricks for Your Blog's DesignGotCredit

Know Your Goals

Before you start making design decisions, you should know what you want people to do when they’re on your blog. Do you want them to click on ads, share your posts or visit your primary website to hire your services? Perhaps you want them to sign up for your newsletter or leave a comment. Think about these aims when you’re making decisions. Put your calls to action in prominent places, where people’s eyes will be drawn.

Stay Simple

A good rule for any website is to keep the design simple. For blogs, this could be even more important because there’s usually a lot of text. You don’t want to confuse the design with lots of fonts and colors. Readers already need to take in the chunks of text and images. You don’t want them to get distracted. The focus should be on your posts and your calls to action. Your aim is to turn your visitors into conversions. Use shadows and textures to make the design more interesting instead.

Make Navigation Easy

When people land on one of your blog posts, they probably want to read similar content. Having a search bar is a good idea, but don’t rely on it alone. Make it easy to access the different categories you place your posts into. The tags you use on individual posts should be visible too. Categories can organize everything broadly. For example, using “home and garden” and “pets” on a lifestyle blog. Tags can narrow things down and are also useful for SEO purposes.

Use a Design Service

If you want a professional blog design, try hiring someone else. You can get a website design agency to use their expertise. They can come up with a layout that will work for you. You don’t have to want a full-scale, complicated site to use the services of a designer. They will talk to your about your goals and your target market so that you end up with a blog that attracts and keeps visitors. As well as the usability and the appearance of your site, they’ll make sure your SEO is up to scratch too.

If you want your blog to stand out, don’t just pick a theme that everyone else uses. Put some thought into your design to get some more attention.

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