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Transfers Files to Apps on iPhone, iPad or iTouch with DiskAid


Want to see the files and folders on the iPad? Or want to transfer content to your iPhone through your PC? Because currently the mainstay of Apple’s iTunes software can only manage multimedia files and folders, then you need the DiskAid. This application will display the contents of files and folders from an Apple device in full just like Windows Explorer.

Once the application is installed, you must to plug them in using the built-in USB connection. Later, automatically DiskAid detects Apple devices and instantly displays the ‘ innards ‘ based on categories.

Transfers Files to Apps on iPhone, iPad or iTouch with DiskAid

The upper part displays the main button of the name describes the functionality that exists. Like Copy to PC that will copy the entire contents to a PC, Copy File/Folder to the Device will copy a file or folder to the device, till Delete and Refresh. So if you want to perform data transfers, can’t use click and drop, but instead must use the function keys. Or can also right click on the file in question. His left Area displays the folders that are clustered into the category of Places and Applications. If you want to display the whole section is complete, you can enter a folder > Folder Media Places.

DiskAid application requires the latest version of QuickTime and iTunes in order to function properly. So make sure you have installed these two additional applications on the PC. Unfortunately this app is not free, to get full version you must pay about $24.90 but don’t worry you can use trial version for 15 days, please visit here to download DiskAid

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