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10 Interesting Facts About the Angry Birds Game


Do you like playing games? Try to playing the Angry Birds Game. Angry Birds is a video game which was originally on the iPad/iPhone app, but now it has been released in various media. This Game is enough to make the wearer so that addicts have been downloaded more than 1 billion users. Even the United Kingdom officials are also interested with this game.

In Angry Birds, the player controls a flock of colorful birds that seek to take the eggs are stolen by a group of evil green pigs. At every level, the pigs that are protected by a structure made of various materials such as ice, wood, and stone. The aim of the game is to eliminate all pigs in each level of the game. Using a slingshot, players launch birds with the intent to hit the pigs directly or damaging the structure that protects it, the collapse of the strutkur can kill a pig. In the various stages of the game, additional objects such as explosives and crates of stone found at several levels, and can be used in conjunction with the birds to destroy pigs that are hard to reach.

There are several species of birds used in the game. At the initial level, the red bird was the only one available. Each stage of the game, bird species will grow, some species of birds are more effective against certain materials or have special abilities that are activated after the bird was launched. For example, a blue bird can split into three little birds, bird blue ice can make the target freeze, yellow bird that can add speed and power is broken, the Black bird could explode, and white bird that can drop eggs bombs, green bird that could backfire, red or green birds are large which can destroy more structure, the orange bird could enlarge himself, and purple bird can shoot right on target. Pigs also appear in different sizes. Small and relatively weak pigs are easily destroyed by either direct shot or with debris from the damaged buildings, larger pig is able to defend yourself from a lot of damage. Also, some pigs wear steel helmets, making them more resistant to damage the structure, while the pigs with a Crown at most could withstand damage.

10 Interesting Facts About the Angry Birds Game

To increase your knowledge, it’s good you know some Angry Birds communities, one of best Angry Birds community is Angry Birds 365, here you can get a lot of information about Angry Birds Game. One of the interesting of the Angry Birds 365 is Angry Birds golden eggs locations and you can get more information here

However, in addition to the fun you play this game, there are some interesting things you need to know. Don’t tell me you are Angry Birds fans if you don’t know interesting things from this game. Here would be share 10 interesting facts about the Angry Birds Game you need to know:

  1. Since 2003, Rovio Mobile has developed more than 50 games, but they aren’t too exploded in the market, before Rovio achieve amazing success with Angry Birds game. Angry Birds is the 52nd game from Rovio, launched in December 2009.
  2. According to game developer Rovio, Ville Heijari, swine flu epidemic in 2009 was the inspiration of Rovio for making the Green pigs as enemy in the Angry Birds.
  3. Angry Birds has been downloaded as many as 1 billion times, it’s the equivalent of 1 out of 7 people in the world.
  4. At first, Angry Birds is created by four programmers who need the time 8 months to be done because this game is a low priority for the Rovio.
  5. Every day people around the world spend 200 million hours playing Angry Birds.
  6. Angry Birds on sale by 2011 equivalent to 0.05% of the revenue the country Finland. For one game titles small-sized less than 50MB this is a very incredible thing.
  7. Angry Birds is not only famous in the games, but also in the real world through a variety of franchise and stuff starting from the shower cap, credit card even aircraft with Angry Birds skin.
  8. Peter Vesterbacka, creator of the Angry Birds, designated as the Mighty Eagle.
  9. Angry Birds Star Wars is a mobile gaming with the fastest selling in the world. How fast? It only took 2.5 hours to reach the top 1 in the Apple App Store.
  10. According to AYTM, 12% of the players Angry Birds like to stop for fear of addiction, but unfortunately addicted to Angry Birds are no cure.
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