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BIOS Beep Code and How to Solve the Problem


BIOS is short of Basic Input/output System designed to be the first time run by PC when powered on.  The initial function of BIOSS is to identify, test, and initialize hardware on the PC suck as Video card display, CD/DVD ROM, hard disk, memory and other hardware on the computer.

When the Computer powered on, the computer will have a single beep (some computer BIOS may beep twice) and it will continue to start normally but if any problem on the hardware the computer will either not beep or will generate a beep code. The beep code tells the user the source of the problem of computer.

At this time there are several BIOS types and most often used are AMI BIOS, AWARD, IBM and PHOENIX. The error code on the BIOS be marked with long or short beep or combination them.  With “Rizone Beep Viewer” you can easily know the problem on the computer hardware by listen the beep on the BIOS. Rizone Beep Viewer is freeware and it also compatible software. You can download the software here

Rizone Beep Viewer

Computer Fist Aid If You Listen the Beep Error Code on the BIOS

  1. IF error appear after added new hardware remove that hardware to make sure is not the causing the issues. If after removing the hardware and your computer work your computer not compatible with the ne hardware.
  2. Remove the Disk, CD/DVD, floppy and USB device (if any) from the motherboard and then reboot your computer, if you not hear a beep error re-connect each device one at a time boot your computer again. It’s to determine the device and/or cable that causing the issue.
  3. Make sure all fans on the computer run properly. If a fan has failed your computer could be overheating. The failed fan can cause the computer not to boot.
  4. Remove all card such as video card, LAN card, sound card or other and put one card at a time until you determine what card a causing the issue.
  5. If the fourth methods above does not work check the power supply or/and motherboard.

If after doing all above methods the error still appear, maybe you have a faulty motherboard, PSU, or/and RAM you must replace the components or take your computer to computer service station.

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