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How to Uninstall Deep Freeze 6.0 Without Password


You have installed DeepFreeze version 6 and forgot your Deep-Freeze password and you do not know how to remove or uninstall the Deep-Freeze on your computer without a password, I hope this tutorial useful for you.

Unlike DeepFreeze older that version 6.0, on the Deep-freeze 6.xx there no smart software to disable or uninstall this Deep Freeze version  without password. On the previous version of Deep Freeze you can hacked the software using “Deep Freeze Unfreezer” but the software useless on DeepFreeze v.6. Before formating your hardisk and lose your data why not do the method below. You can disable or uninstall DeepFreeze 6 without password and do not need reformat your hardisk.

Here the small tricks to disable or unintal Deep Freeze ver 6 without password:

  1. Boot your computer from Windows XP Installer
  2. After appear “Enter to Setup” option, Press Enter then press F8.
  3. Selected R to repair Windows system ( Repair Setup)
  4. Continue repairing/installing windows untill finish.
  5. Prepare the Deepfreeze v.6 installed, open the file like you want to install the software.
  6. it’s will show “Uninstall Deep-freeze” options. Uninstall the software, after uninstall finished reboot your computer.
  7. Now the Deep-freeze has removed from your computer.

Note: I tested this method on Windows XP only, on another windows version maybe this method does not work.

Other methode if you forgotted your Deep Freeze parword you can use “Anti Deep Freeze ( Ver 0.1)”. This software can be downloade from this link:

Update: For new version deep freeze ver 7 you can view this tutorial: Uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 0.4 <— For a few reason I removed the article, sorry

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68 Responses to “How to Uninstall Deep Freeze 6.0 Without Password”

  1. steve says:

    Clean Slate restores your computer to a set state but without the vulnerability that Deep Freeze has.

  2. Brent says:

    I agree with ‘steve’ about Clean Slate, I am trying this deep freeze solution right now…. I will post if it works or not.

  3. Brent says:

    The fix works 😀 Thanks alot 😀

  4. alexgr says:

    Thnx my friend!!! The easy way 🙂

  5. Vanna says:

    How to enter password for Clean Slate i do not know what the password is

  6. Vanna says:

    I need to remote from other marchine to windows ME how can i do? any help is deeply appreciated

  7. Ravikiran says:

    You have helped me alot to remove this bledy Deep Freeze. Thanks

  8. Ohis says:

    I also installed deepfrez n i have been tryin to remove it. Thanks alot.

  9. darz says:

    heloooo plz…. help me about my computer, i installed deep freeze v.6.0 then i want to uninstalled it but it requires a password and i do not know what’s the password….
    plz…help me….tnx….

  10. ace says:

    helow.. can u help me wth my problem.. i cant uninstall my deepfreeze program bec. i forgot my password.. 🙁

    the version of my

    help me please T_T

  11. Fz says:

    @ace, this methode work on your deepfreeze version, try the mthode above

  12. santosh ghimire says:

    deepfreeze is not disabeling without having passwords.i forgot my passwords what can i do for it?

  13. Vaibhav Dave says:

    I have deleed the file persi0.sys created by deepfreez….. what should i do?????????

  14. Fz says:

    @Vaibhav Dave, by deleting persi0.sys file will not disable the deepfreez. I recommend that you use the way in the article above

  15. King says:

    Work with windows 7 ????

  16. Fz says:

    @King, I don’t know its work on windows or no because I tested only on Windows XP

  17. Fanni says:

    Hi Friends, I am writing here first time. I don’t know about computers too much but I have problem at office. The Boss have installed the Deep Freeze and have password it, I read out here but I wanted take more advise from you guy’s bcs there is a sensitive programme installed on PC at office and the USB is disable, I can’t even plugin CD Rom to install Windows. I therefore request to tell me how I can unfreeze it so that I can watch Movies from USB and can install Media Player…..
    Please help me….

  18. Fz says:

    @Fanni, you can create Windows USB installer and boot your computer using the Windows USB installer. to create windows USB installer you can find on this blog

  19. John says:

    Hello Sir,
    Just to make sure I had installed the Deep Freezer in my pc on 23rd June 10. And next day I try to removed or unstilled it I cant do 100 % .Like as the above artices I had follow up correctly as mentioned.
    I disable it from my computer but still i see in my local settings. But the application is no more in pc.when I save the files or document & others application in my pc then restart the pc,.all the files removed automatically. I can’t able to see my new saving files in my pc. Please another things that when type services.msc in comman prompt (Run) I see ther DF5Serv in even I disables it from there. But still I can’t able to save my files.Please advice me even I my Microsoft outlook emails not saving I can see mails only from 23rd June and the present ones removed from the mail.
    How can I delete permanently Deep Freezer permanently from pc, so I can save my file same as before. Or I m thinking to make re-boot the pc from the zero level format.
    Please advice me ASAP.
    Willing to know some tips from any of you.I will be gratefully that you send me message or information on my email direct.

  20. Yebs says:

    Dont think a lot. insert and run Win XP cd and choose REPAIR. Dont choose new installation. Very easy…….

  21. Joe says:

    Can some one pls help mi in unlocking my system my deep freez pass word i cant find and am gettin fed up pls some one come 2 my rescue.. its Deep Freez 6. thankx…

  22. Hary says:

    I will share to all of you about unlocking Deep Freeze V6.
    I you have a problem , can’t unlocking deep Freeze V6 even you already give the right password of DF.V6, and when you type your password, you can’t unlocking,
    So you must push SHIFT when you type the PASSWORD…….finally you can unlocking DF.V6 .

    Because before i have that solution, i faced also the same problem, finally i found the solution. hope i can help all of you.
    thanks, Har

  23. Fz says:

    @Hary, Thanks have been sharing your tips

  24. jerson says:


  25. yuan says:

    hi i will try the solution that you post but, this solution you post will work in DP 6??

  26. Mosi says:

    thx alot , its work on deepfreez standard v 7.0.2

  27. kamran ahmed baloch says:

    dear sir
    my problem is i don’t see the deepfreez icon on custmize notification bar and i dont get any response whe i press shift+alt+ctrl+F6, but deepfrees is working

  28. jey says:

    my problem is i don’t remove deepfreezr and i dont get any response whe i press shift+alt+ctrl+F6, but deepfrees is working

  29. adithya says:

    i can’t disable deepfreezer

  30. jon says:

    I unstall it with revo uninstaller, but it is still there. but no icon, no respon with shift+alt+ctrl+F6 key. How to remove it please? coz all my data lost after restart

  31. Nupur Patel says:

    Dear R u able to run installation again for deepfreeze???

  32. Nanoman says:

    I didn’t install Deep Freeze and I can’t see it anywhere.What should I do?

  33. Tolitz Lupango says:

    In my own experience, I had a Deep Freeze 6 and Window XP PRO w/ SP2. what I do is, I just UPGRADE my SP2 to SP3. Then I observe the first restart. its like normal windows again. then i run Deep Freeze again. then the uninstall button appear. click the button and your system will automatically restart. then install Deep Freeze again and your all set. hope this comment will help you guys..

  34. JEETU says:

    i want to uninstall tha deep freeze-6 i am not remember the password what i do

  35. Ali says:

    Waaoohh! 100% work in Deep Freeze Congrat for the best cracker

  36. arnel says:

    thanks for your post.
    its working.

  37. chaitanya says:

    deep freeze 0.3 is working
    but deep freeze 0.4 is not working.
    pls check and post for anti deep freeze for deepfreeze 7 versions.

  38. bobetandrews says:

    hi to all, thanks 4 the command(shift+alt+ctrl+f6) it works in my os vista home basic
    now i can open the program deepfreeze – & i can change now the password.
    hope this my comment will help others idea.
    tnx a lot.

  39. Ayaz says:

    Thank you for this tips…….

  40. hi says:

    if d above mentioned are not useful, try this find wheres the location of your deepfreeze then after that use the linux software if you have any then go to the location and just delete it

  41. Rajesh Undhad says:

    dear sir
    my problem is i don’t see the deepfreez icon on custmize notification bar and i dont get any response whe i press shift+alt+ctrl+F6, but deepfrees is working

  42. romel says:

    suraj, your great 1 million thanks to you man…..i feel better now….lol

  43. deza says:

    hay I can’t uninstall deep freez 6 from my Pc it doesn’t show me the deep freez Icon on taskbar. the other thing is when I pres CTRL+Alt + shift = F6 I get nothing.

  44. Fz says:

    @Deza, you can use “anti deep freeze” program to disable the software. You can find the tool in internet

  45. Abraham says:

    I got better idea just log to and search there!!!!

  46. Chris says:

    OMG, thanks for this post….it really helps me about uninstalling deepfreeze without the icon and password……thank you so much you are the best suraj…..

  47. sherald says:

    JUst try ,, restarting you computer 3 – 5 times….. if the DEEP FREEZE icon was lost.

    i just tried it to our PC…and it works!

    its GREAT!

  48. majid says:

    i Forgot deep reeze7 password?
    What do I do

  49. deepak says:

    I’ve uninstall Deep Freezer from my computer but still its working while booting it ,when i try to install the same version again it shows Deep standard must be disabled before any install/Uninstall can proceed,please help me how to deal with this situation…………

  50. Fz says:

    @deepak, try anti deep freeze version 4 if the method above does not work in your computer

  51. Yhummy says:

    when your deep-freeze v6 is working but you there’s no icon appear on your taskbar.
    try the instruction above its really work.

    *Boot your computer from your Windows Installer
    *After appear “Enter to Setup” option, Press Enter then press F8.
    *Selected R to repair Windows system ( Repair Setup)
    *Continue repairing/installing windows untill finish.
    *After repairing your windows, run your deep-freeze installer/uninstaller and then click uninstall
    *It’s normally that error occur
    *click finish and restart manually your computer
    *call all your friends and set a party co’z your deep-freeze is Dead!

  52. Yhummy says:

    Do not download any software that say they can remove deep-freeze (remember) other software contains virus (trojan). Be careful!

  53. Rasyied says:

    AntiDeepFreez Any Version

    A. Other Tricks !
    It’s work for any version of DF.
    Install again the same version of DF on the other (second) PC, with or without your password.
    After finish installed the new DF, boot the second PC with any Portable Windows or Linux-CD (I used Hiren’s Boot CD).
    1. Copy the file from C: drive; “$persi0.sys” (DF6) or “persi0.sys” (DF7) to your FlashDisk/ThumbDrive.
    2. Boot your First PC with Portable Windows or Linux-CD, then replace the “sys” file with the new one. restart your first PC, and . . . . Good Luck!

    B. Use AntiDF v0.4
    1. Click “ADF v.0.4.exe” two times.
    2. Select “open new process”, click start and exit.
    3. Hold Shift button, click new Deep Freeze icon 2 times in the systray. Leave blank the password form then click OK.
    4. Select “Boot Thawed” and then click OK.
    5. Apply and Reboot.
    6. Download/run the Deep Freeze installer. The installer version must have same version with the version installed in your computer
    7. Select Uninstall and follow the process after installation finished.
    8. Reboot you computer. Done

    Enjoy It !

  54. Elvir says:

    hello i`m sorry for my post here ,cuz you can say ” did`t he understand all about depfreez uninstalling methods or somthing ” but the point is my computer has depfreez it shows icon on taskbar ,,, at `first i can not open it .. even from Program files direction ..
    what should i do to save my data simply and delete deep freeze ….
    please tell me the esiest way to do this ..cuz i don`t understand much from computer :S ?

  55. Fz says:

    @lvir, My suggestion, the easy methods to remove the deep freeze software you can use “anti deep freeze”. You can download it in

  56. aznick says:

    hey Rasyied tnx allot man it works magicly on win 7 df version 7….. tnx again for sharing!!!!

  57. rabih nahle says:

    hello dear friend….I want the link to download the uninstuller for deep freez 6 ……… thank you

  58. mariecho says:

    ii cant uninstall my deepfreeze version 7,if i click the icon it would not respond.. please help what would i do? 🙁

  59. Fz says:

    @mariecho, try anti-deepfreeze ver.4 it support DF 7

  60. Shiva says:

    I have installed Deep freeze version 6, It does not install completely i did’t even setup password and i tried to reinstall it again but it is giving this message Deep Freeze 6 standard must be disabled before any install/uninstall can proceed.

    I didnt even find any icon at start toolbar menu.
    How can i uninstall ?

    Please help me someone.

  61. landriks says:

    we have same problem shiva,tsk.. the version of DF that i’ve installed is DF7 .. I use the Anti DF v.0.4 but when i start the process,the program can’t find DF in my comp, i’m Using Win7..

  62. angel says:

    What to do? I have deep freez version 6 and i tried the anti deepfreeze it didnt work. T^T

  63. LooNio says:

    first pres: altgr+ctlr+delete it opens task menager
    and then go to process and find the files who are same named like the others on the deep freeze folder and you click on it and then end process
    then you go to hyper technologies and delete all the folder
    it will show a red X over the deep freeze ikon go with the mouse to the ikon and it is not there
    restart and DONE THNX 😉

  64. hameed says:

    hi i forget my pasword deep freeze can you help me

  65. sky says:

    can u help me wth my problem.. i cant uninstall my deepfreeze program bec. i forgot my password..

  66. janina says:

    okay. the thing is, I don’t even know how to boot a computer. o.O

  67. jeny says:

    hi pls help me i wanted to deleted all download on my computer but my deep freeze is not working pls help me thanks


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