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Choosing the Right IP Broker


Every growing enterprise that hopes to not only survive but thrive in today’s digital world requires additional IP addresses. This not only applies to internet and hosting firms, but also the traditional brick-and-mortar companies. In the IP-starved world of today, you are no longer safe is you chose to solely rely on your ISP, upstream provider or mere direct allocations to obtain your additional IP addresses. This is where the IP broker comes in.

The primary business of an IP broker is the brokerage of IPv4 address spaces. Your typical IP brokerage firm will comprise of a team of professional consultants and industry veterans that can assist you in selling, purchasing and managing your IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, thereby allowing your business to grow without any restrictions.

Choosing the Right IP Broker

Look for an IP broker that combines the expertise of hosting and internet-marketing experts with years of industry experience. Consultants at such a brokerage should be able to provide you with the support you require in any specific area of practice including:

IP Market Making

The IP broker should be able to actively make a market for your IP address. For instance, if you are in need of fast liquidity for excess IP addresses, the firm should be ready to speculatively buy your addresses at a fair price. Moreover, the firm should allow sellers to dictate the terms of purchase/ license, all the way through to the ultimate end-user. In this way, your control of the ultimate use of your IP address is maximized.

IP Brokerage

The main area of focus of the IP broker should be the brokerage of IP addresses. Find out if the IP broker you prefer has access to many buyers and sellers worldwide to ensure the quick purchase or sale of your IP address.

IP Management and Transition Planning

The IP broker should have IP utilization experts and teams of IP management and engineering technicians on hand and readily available for consultation. Such technical teams should be able to provide you with an efficient solution in the event that you require assistance in the management of existing IP addresses, rationalizing your current usage of IP addresses as a way of freeing up unused addresses, or even planning your transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

Business Marketing and Package Sales

Due to the increasing value of IPv4 addresses, many hosting and other internet-related ventures have discovered that their IPv4 addresses are worth as much as their entire business. Your IP broker should be able to partner with industry-leading business broker partners to provide you with a one-stop solution that allows for the maximization of value for underlying enterprise, as well as IPv4 assets. Furthermore, the broker should be able to provide services such as appraisal services, feasibility studies and third-party valuation assessments.

IP Address Research & Vetting

The IP broker should be engaged in full research and vetting of every new IP address to ensure that you do not suffer from purchasing an IP address with a history of hacking, spamming or any other similar problems. The broker should then be willing to provide you with a full guarantee and warranty.

A good IP broker can provide you with a broad spectrum of options when it comes to monetizing your IP address. These options may include brokerage marketing, leasing, quick-to-close purchases, as well as bundle asset purchases. In addition, the IP broker should be able to tailor a custom transaction that is perfect for your business. Whether you wish to own, lease or simply use IP addresses on a temporary basis, a good IP broker can assist you in identifying the perfect solution for your unique business needs.

A recognised IPv4 Broker/Facilitator in RIPE NCC, APNIC and ARIN is

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