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Converting PDF Documents the Easy Way


We all know how annoying it is when we get sent a Word document and we open it in Adobe, or if we are sent a PDF document and we try open it in Word, and all you get is a jumbled mash of pictures, a messed up layout and sometimes a completely different language. It is simply a pain to try and convert every single document into another format simply so that we can read its contents in the manner in which it is meant to be read.

This can be doubly infuriating for people or business that deal with a high volume of documents in their day to day work. If clients send in a PDF and they only have Word, or if they send out Word documents when their clients need PDFs, it can be a lot of very time consuming work to try and convert each and every document separately. Depending on the file format of the document, people have to use different programs to convert each one, and while there are some umbrella programs that can do multiple kinds of conversions, getting them usually means a couple of hours of trial and error trying to download and install them. This not only wastes time, but also uses up valuable space in our computers’ drive. This is where Docs.Zone comes in. This nifty conversion tool has got it completely right.

Docs.Zone PDF Converter


Simple, Comprehensive Online Conversion Tool

Docs.Zone has made converting multiple documents into an incredibly easy process. There is no downloading, no installing – all you have to do is sign up for a membership, and then you can begin to convert any number, size and type of file that you need to. It is a tool that encompasses all the most popular kinds of conversion, and the best thing is that the process is just so simple that you may not believe it when you first start. Below we’ll see the most important conversion services on Docs.Zone.

PDF to Word and Excel Conversion

One of the most popular conversions that is made throughout the world is from PDF format to some sort of Microsoft document. Docs.Zone offers you the option to convert PDF documents into either Word or Excel file formats to ensure that you get hold of all the correct information, in the original layout that it was in the PDF.

Excel and Word Documents to PDF

As with the above conversion, the opposite process is just as popular. Microsoft and Adobe are two of the most used programs for creating documents and so it makes sense that there is a high need for conversion between the two. Docs.Zone makes this extremely easy- all you have to do it click on the ‘Word to PDF’ or ‘Excel to PDF’ button and upload you files. The conversion process won’t take more than a few minutes.

Other Conversions

Docs.Zone also allows you to convert and converge multiple documents into one single PDF document. They also offer the option of saving a Webpage as a PDF document, as well as converting a PDF into a high res Jpeg image.

Docs.Zone has changed the game for online file conversion, as they have not only made the process simple, but they have also made sure that it is quick and extremely efficient. To become a member of Docs.Zone all you have to do is sign up on the website and pay either the $9.95 a month subscription fee, or go for the yearly $59.95, both of these allow members to upload and convert as many documents as they would like.

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