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How Modern Design Tools have Made Do-it-Yourself Web Design a Possibility for Small Businesses


A company’s website is its digital storefront, allowing the customers to purchase its products or services online. It is also a platform for identifying and engaging your customers and capturing their purchase. A business that doesn’t have a well designed website is missing out on a lot of sales opportunities.

The consumer is looking for convenience while purchasing a product or service, and searching and ordering online is much more convenient than flipping through the yellow pages and then driving across town to make your purchase.

Apart from garnering additional sales, an online presence also gives the company credibility with its customers, which is critical for start-ups and new businesses. A website is also a cost effective way of operating, as it reduces the dependence on high-cost brick and mortar presence.

How Modern Design Tools have Made Do-it-Yourself Web Design a Possibility for Small Businesses

Additionally, your digital storefront allows you to transact business 24/7, as you are not constrained by normal store operating hours. The website is also a powerful communication and marketing tool for your business.

Once you have decided that your business needs a website, the next question is how do you go about creating one? At this point, most people would call in the experts, which is one way of resolving the issue. A reputed web design agency allows you to tap into their domain experience to create an informative and intuitive website.

Relevant aspects, from layout to professional and informative content, integration with social media platforms and payment gateway security, are all issues that would be professionally handled. But there is a catch, and that is the cost. For most start-ups and small businesses, the cost of this professional service is often beyond their budget.

This is where a web design and hosting company like GoDaddy can help you create, register and host your website. In addition, the company offers a wide range of analytic and software tools that help you manage your business more efficiently.

Its product offerings include ecommerce services, search engine optimization and customized email addresses. Tiered pricing packages allow for better customization and value. GoDaddy also offers a host of affordable marketing services such as social media integration and pay per click.

A step-by-step guide allows you to DIY while creating your customized website. With GoDaddy, a small business no longer needs to spend valuable dollars to set up and host its website. With over 59 million domain names under its management, GoDaddy is the largest ICANN accredited registrar of websites.

Robert Parsons, better known as Bob Parsons, founded GoDaddy in 1997 and helped in growing it to a billion dollar enterprise. In July 2011, he sold 70 percent of the company to a private equity consortium, but Bob remains on the board of GoDaddy. With a 30 percent stake, he is the largest shareholder in the company. He is also a philanthropist, and the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation provides funding to non-profit organizations in the greater Phoenix area. You can read more about Bob Parsons on tumblr.

You can pay a web design company thousands of dollars to create, register and host your website, or you can go to GoDaddy and do the same and more for a fraction of the cost. The choice is yours.

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