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Internet Marketing: Short-Term and Long-Term Approaches


When it comes to internet marketing, a strong campaign has always been the cornerstone. Short-term marketing strategies can be designed by allowing the company to communicate their offers, promotions and any other information to its customers. Traditional long-term approaches focus on brand led campaigns rather than customer-led campaigns. Making full use of the internet when marketing your business is essential for getting new customers and driving sales.

The importance of online marketing in the business world

Online marketing has become extremely important to the business world. Ignoring this key aspect of your advertising will keep your business behind your competitors. In both long-term and short-term marketing strategies, the use of the internet will bring more business to your website.

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What makes a great internet marketing strategy?

Consider the following when making your internet marketing strategy:

  • Personalize your marketing. These days, consumers expect marketing communications to relate directly to their needs, rather than to everyone like old-fashioned marketing campaigns.
  • Tell a story. While creating an engaging and memorable story is nothing new, making use of today’s technology and channels can offer the chance for customers to interact with the story. It also allows customers to connect emotionally with the brand over a long-term period.
  • Use content marketing and social media. High quality content that doesn’t just “sell” to their customers is a highly effective tool. Social media channels allow you to share the content on many platforms.
  • Research and results. Marketing technology makes it easier to track multiple campaigns with technologies such as social CRM tools, CXM and CRM available to process date driven results.

Short-term vs. long-term online marketing strategies

Your short-term online marketing strategies need to be flexible, allowing for changes in the rapidly moving sector. This allows your marketing team to respond to new trends and technologies that flare up quickly. Both short-term and long-term marketing are needed in order to produce sales. It may seem like short-term marketing brings in all the results, but it is really both marketing types combined that bring the best results.

A long-term marketing strategy needs to be focused on creating a solid, visible presence on the internet. This can be achieved using search engine optimization on the website, for search engine results. It is time-consuming, but knowing your audience and optimizing the site with keywords and phrases is critical and pays long-term dividends. Implementing a marketing strategy that incorporates both long and short-term plans is essential for success in today’s market.

Consult an expert

If you are looking to solidify your online presence, then it is important to consult an expert in online marketing. Expert marketing consultants, such as those at Matomy Media Group, will show you how to login to your various websites and social media platforms and create a tailored marketing plan for your campaigns.

Today, it is important to make full use of online marketing and to be aware of the importance of both long-term and short-term marketing campaigns and how these work to increase exposure and to drive sales both long and short term.

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