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How to Easily Create Windows 7 Live USB with A Bootable USB


Generally there are some current notebook that does not include a Built in DVD in the notebook, so we need to think of other ways to install the operating system on computers without using a CD/DVD media that generally we have been doing all along. However, no worries we can install an operating system on our computer by using Live USB.

How to install an operating system on this Windows 7 operating system. Operating system installation by using USB media is called with a Bootable USB Drive. An easy way to create a windows 7 Live USB is to use special software to create a Live USB that is A Bootable USB, sotware bootable requiring a short time in the process of creating a Live USB and easy to use.

How to Easily Create Windows 7 Live USB with A Bootable USB

A Bootable USB is special software that is used to create a bootable USB drive to install windows 7 using Flas Disk. Here’s how to create a live usb windows 7 easily and quickly:

  1. Provide the USB / Flash Disk minimum space is 4GB.
  2. Provide the file.Iso Windows 7.
  3. Plug the USB to be created a Live USB.
  4. Run A Bootable USB Software.
  5. Then click Check USB button, automatically will detect Flash Disk that is stuck in your computer. Make sure the USB choice who wants to become a Live USB.
  6. Click Open Iso button and select the iso file that you have prepared.
  7. After that, Click Start Iso. Wait until completion and success.

Currently USB / Flash Disk you have inserted bootable Usb drive which can be used to install Windows 7 using Flas Disk. To install Windows 7 using these USB / Flash Disk don’t forget to make sure your computer’s bios is set to boot on USB drive first.

To get A bootable USB application please download here

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