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How to Update Yahoo Avatar


On the past I have posted about “How to create Yahoo avatar”. Yahoo avatar can be displated as your yahoo mesennger picture or on other Yahoo profile. It also can be displayed on your website or blog and on your facebook.

Actually update Yahoo Avatar almost the same as create yahoo Avatar but I posted this tutorial after found visitor this blog ask to me how to update his avatar. There two ways to access then update you avatar; from yahoo messenger and open yahoo avatar website.

Here how to update Yahoo avatar:

  1. Access you avatar by login to your Yahoo Messenger then click “ Messenger menu” then select “My Display Image” then click customize button on your avatar. Its will open Yahoo avatar website
    yahoo avatar 1
  2. Or you can open to open your avatar setting then login using your Yahoo ID.
  3. After login uou can change your avatar background, appearance and other and after all setting changed click “ Save Changes” button to save the setting all setting. Done
    yahoo avatar 2
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  1. faiz says:

    thank….i like your tips and tricks


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