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Make KIS 2010 valid until 2019 – Video Tutorial


This video tutorial from YouTube but this not genuine activation. The KIS key will activated Kasperky Internet Security untul 2019.

Here How activated KIS 2010 until 2019.

  1. Exit from KIS from taskbar….
  2. copy avp.exe to ur KIS folder and replece the old one….
  3. add KIS2010 to the registry….
  4. run avp again…

For complete tutorial view the video. This KIS 2010 key valid until 23/06/2019 and made by !nsp!r!0n. Here the download link for KIS 2010 key:

Warning: Some people reported this key contains trojan/virus. do not download

Download KIS key 2010: click this link

Use this tutorial as your own risk, its just info.

Update: New download Link Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 keys from ChattChitto at:

Posted by Fz 23 Responses

23 Responses to “Make KIS 2010 valid until 2019 – Video Tutorial”

  1. Justin says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD: KASPERSKY: The requested object is INFECTED with the following viruses: Trojan.Win32.Agent.cccr

  2. tech.billy says:

    I agree with Justin. My licensed Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 stop the download because it detects that the file you are going to download has a virus.

  3. d3w4_indo says:

    Close your kaspesky first (inactive)
    before download

  4. h4b12 says:

    if we close kaspersky before download, it means we download VIRUS ON ANTIVIRUS!

  5. Firman Azka says:

    hey.. i have used Kaspersky Internet Security for long time. KIS always blocked web that contains KIS keys. And also always detected the cracked as a trojan or a virus

  6. butt d head says:

    so should i download this file or what?

  7. Fz says:

    @butt d head, I suggest do not download this file, because some users reported Kaspersky blocked antivirus if your computer is online (connect to the internet)

  8. kehn says:

    Hi everybody, please help me with KIS internet Sec 2010, my key is nearly invalid. can anyone help me to fine any other key that is valid for long term and can be activate KIS updatable.? thanks in advance.

  9. margantiite says:

    hahahah noob…..if we try crack KIS, that KIS always to blocked that activity, so if KIS detect that is Virus, Trojan or else, truthly that is not a virus, i’ve try this way from KIS 2006 till KIS 2010 and it works,

    1, u just disable “self defense” in KIS setting
    2. disable protection
    3. close aplication from windows task manager”
    4. now u can pacth and install key

    OLAAAAA, your KIS now is work properly n have a whitelist licensi

    (no offence) sorry if my english is bad

  10. Manish Kumar.G says:

    i download the kaspersky internet security 2010…..30 days trial version…..license period expires 5/15/2010….pls mail me license for 1 year.

  11. david says:

    yup i agree with margantiite, i already using KIS for along time too, and every crack that we used to free the KIS always block, the reasons is virus or anything else. But till now i don’t have any problem. So i think this is safe

  12. Raghavendra says:

    Hi, Any body please mail me kaspersky internet security key valid for more than 6 months, i am having keys for other software if any require any key please contact me.

  13. dina says:

    how to make database of kaspesky internet security 2010 deobsolute

  14. priyobrata says:

    i download the kaspersky internet security 2010…..30 days trial version…..license period expires 8/17/2010, pls mail me license for 2 or 3 years

  15. Anter says:

    Hehehe I Use this Crack and It’s very Good And I can try It With out buying Kaspersky

  16. justfinch says:

    It’s trojan, if you dont belive, look on source in WinHEX some commands simular to be trojan

  17. joey says:

    i got same problem…my key file all expire…..plzz help me how to get new key file…

  18. Bishnu says:

    me also same problem…my key file all expire…..plz help me how to get new key file…

  19. Morgan says:

    that’s not a real trojan it’s a false virus all crack are detected like virs

  20. justin4bebier says:

    this contain virus and if i stop antivirus it may infect system file so no download!!!!!!!!!! :p

  21. Rez says:

    you can’t cause. database contains instructions for curing malwares. it likes new formulas to new diseases. if u got a new diseases u can’t cure that cause u don’t have a cure. database should be keep as like that way. but there is a keychecker .xhtml file inside . if someone finds a way to block only that keychecker file I think there might be a way

  22. Jaimin says:

    not working this trick it’s already blocked

  23. Jaimin says:

    not working this trick , that’s key already blocked by kaspersky lab


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