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Microsoft Bing 5 Times at Risk to Infected the Malware


A company from Germany, the antivirus Tester AV-Test, reported that the search results with Microsoft’s Bing search engine produces five times more pages containing malware compared to search engine Google.

AV-Test, conduct research to some search engines over the past 18 months, including Google and Bing, as reported by Ubergizmo, Monday.

In my research on Google vs Bing, researchers evaluated nearly 40 million site search results, Bing produces a site that contains malware five times more than Google.

Microsoft Bing 5 Times at Risk to Infected the Malware

Of the 10.9 million sites in the search results of Google search engine, only 272 pages that contain detected malware, while Bing produced 1.285 dangerous site.

The malicious sites have malware that exploit security vulnerabilities that exist, especially if the user does not update the browser and Add-ons. Users are always updating the browser and Add-ons at risk for becoming infected with malware is increasingly reduced.

Malware exploit security vulnerabilities PDF readers, web browsers, and Add-ons that are not updated with the new version.

This shows how important it is to update the browser and Add-ons. Whatever the smallest Updater can reduce the vulnerability of developing malware.

This is a never ending battle against malware online, so it’s always better to strengthen Your defenses.

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