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Phone Safety with Children and Teens


In this world of smart phones, apps and social media, it only takes the click of a button or a series of questions down the telephone line and your family’s privacy and personal security can be breached.

With private details such as phone numbers, addresses and even bank balances becoming so much easier to access, we are increasingly being forced to resort to a variety of measures to maintain our security.

This is particularly true of families with children and teenagers who may have smart phones or be active on social media websites where they can easily come into contact with strangers. If you want to know how to protect your family, read on for some simple tips to improve your phone and internet security.

Phone Safety with Children and Teens

Have ‘The Talk’

One of the best ways to protect your family’s privacy is by having that all-important conversation with your kids, ensuring they understand about phone safety and what sort of information, i.e. personal details, should not be given away to strangers on the internet or over the phone.

Warn them about Geolocation apps, which reveal your whereabouts, and also about how texts, videos and photographs can be spread about on the internet. Make sure they understand about apps and how to purchase them from legitimate sites only and let them know how to avoid offers of ‘free apps’ which often aren’t free at all.

It’s crucial to have this talk before buying them a smart phone. Once they understand and have agreed to abide by the rules and guidelines you set down, then you can decide which phone and privileges they are allowed to use. Instill them with the knowledge that if they do not use their smart phone responsibly it will be taken away. Visit for more tips on how to keep your kids safe as they use their iPods, iPads, phones and even laptops.

Social media safety

It seems like everyone has at least one social media account these days and they are particularly popular with teens. They use it to talk with friends, share interests and contribute ‘selfies’. However, social media sites can be used by unsavoury characters to gain access to your children’s lives and personal details and can also be used as a platform for bullying. Make sure your teens are aware of the importance of only accepting ‘friends’ that they actually know, and of not giving out private information to strangers.

Cold calling

Cold calling is one of the biggest problems in the UK today. It’s easy enough for an adult to deal with a cold call by swiftly putting it to an end but a child might find themselves drawn into conversation and end up accidentally giving out personal details. Installing a call blocker service means you won’t have to put up with these pesky calls.

By following these helpful guidelines and making sure every member of your family is aware of the importance of phone and internet safety you won’t have to worry so much about invasions of privacy or security. Smart phones and social media sites can be fun, safe and easy to use, just so long as you have the right safety measures in place.

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