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Professional Data Recovery Required? Here’s What to Know


These days it seems like data loss is impossible. The cloud takes care of that, right? Yes and no. The cloud and other forms of remote data storage help to mitigate the risks inherent to digital information, but they don’t eliminate them. In fact, a world where everything seems backed up to some storage center elsewhere breeds an increasing level of negligence among computer users. Not everything is stored this way, and when the locally saved stuff is at risk, it can come as sort of a shock.

We know most folks can’t help but try using open source recovery assistance and other DIY methods. Any frequent reader knows we post about these tools fairly regularly. Sometimes they work miracles, but most of the time it’s contingent on several factors regarding the state of the data and the damage inflicted. This leads to a 50/50 success rate with most recovery programs used at home.

Professional Data Recovery

Home-based businesses, bloggers, and other small enterprises often can’t afford to take such a relatively high-risk bet on their precious data. Too much depends on success. In these cases, consulting with data recovery experts is typically the only viable option. It’s certainly not going to be as “convenient” as a free download, but if digital salvation is possible after a crash, they are the ones to pull it off.

Yet such companies are pretty common, leaving businesses and individuals wondering where to go to for help. Here is a quick breakdown of the hallmarks of a dependable data recovery service:

Vetted Reputation

Initiating a Google search, more than a handful of results ought to show up for a given data recovery service. Better yet, the results are wide-ranging in terms of the reviewers and references. And of course, the results are overwhelmingly positive. With that said, it’s always important to exercise digital literacy when using a search engine to find a service of any kind.

Class 10 ISO 4 Certification

Successful retrieval of seemingly lost digital data is a delicate operation. It takes more than a recently vacuumed garage. Most experts suggest a Class 10 ISO 4 grade clean room for professional data recovery efforts. This reduces the chances of after the fact contamination or damage from occurring.

Around-the-clock Assistance

Data loss disasters can happen anytime. The laws of calamity claim it will happen at the worst possible time. Worthy data retrieval experts take this fact into account. They operate on a virtual nonstop basis. It’s a strong sign of integrity, not to mention an understanding of their market.

SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Security Certification

Whether it’s thousands of family photos from over the years or a small business’s receipts, most data in need of recovery when loss seems to occur is sensitive. Lacking security standards, therefore, have no place in quality data recovery. Find data recovery specialists with an above and beyond approach to security among staff and system.

No Recovery, No Fee

This is key – a bona fide sign of a data recovery service with a client’s best interests at heart. Similar to an automobile repair service, data recovery experts ought to be able to know whether or not the goals are achievable in the first place.

Don’t be fooled by the cloud: data is still vulnerable. When the seemingly unthinkable occurs and files and folders appear lost for good, where do you go? Go somewhere with a strong reputation for safety, security, convenience, and success. If it can be done, they will be the ones to make it happen.

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