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Three Useful Tips That Will Help You Succeed


You understand the customer base for the product or service you’re going to sell online, and you’ve designed a killer website. You’ve locked up ecommerce web hosting services that offer quick access and protection against malware and security breaches. Only one task still remains: You need to create a strong social media presence for your fledgling brand so that you can leverage that presence to entice prospective purchasers to your ecommerce site. Here are three useful tips that will help you succeed.

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Secure Your Vanity Domain

Domain names that express brand individuality are referred to as “vanity domains.” You’ve probably already reserved one for your ecommerce website. You can also extend the promotional reach of your vanity domain by using it across social media platforms.

Most social media platforms give you the opportunity to change the random URL you may be first assigned to one that incorporates the name you’ve chosen:

It’s essential to use the same vanity domain naming scheme across all the social media platforms that you will be using to build a presence. There are many services that can help you determine whether the name you’ve chosen is widely available. Two of the most popular are NameChk and KnowEm.

Select the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Product

Every online marketer needs to build a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. Apart from those two channels, however, you should only spend time on social networks that will help you build your brand.

If you’re going to be producing video content to help promote the products or services you’re selling, you’ll need to build name recognition on YouTube. If you’re reaching out in the B2B sphere, LinkedIn is essential. SnapChat’s Discover channel can be very useful if you’re selling something that appeals to teenagers. If you’re building a lifestyle brand or your products have strong visual appeal, then Instagram and Pinterest can be attractive options. Location-based businesses that maintain websites may do best with channels like Yelp and Foursquare.

Connect with Prospective Customers

One of the most popular search terms on the Internet is the word “free.” If you use your social media presence to reward followers with the opportunity to win free stuff, you can expand your brand reach and build a brand fan base relatively quickly. You’ll have the added benefit of building a marketing base as you collect names, email addresses, and other personal information in conjunction with your giveaway.

“Brand ambassadors” is a buzzword that’s often used to describe end users who participate most enthusiastically in this process. It’s vital to identify potential brand ambassadors and to cultivate them with special perks that will encourage them to start spreading the word about your brand throughout their own social media networks. A special perk can be something as simple as a sneak peak at a new product or service you’re planning to launch.

Utilizing these three strategies can help you attract social media users to your ecommerce website, and the more social media users you can attract, the better the odds that you can convert them into purchasers.


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