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Revolutionizing Learning in the Digital Age With Video


The widespread implementation of online video and adult learning platforms is in the process of revolutionizing adult learning on almost all levels.  It is important to note that adult learning is not only applicable to employer training initiatives and professional development.  Adult learning encompasses the acquisition of new skills in addition to the retention of more rudimentary information, such as the name of a new brand.  Utilizing video can promote a powerful influence on adult learning in a variety of contexts.

Why Focus on Learning with Video

Contrary to myths about video, KZO reports disseminating information via online video modules for your learning program and corporate messaging works.  People generally require little to no behavioral management from an instructor in an adult learning environment.  Unlike children, adults have the ability to manage their time and complete meaningful work without direct supervision and continual instructions.  Video learning can add necessary components in order for employees to master subject matter.  Video learning can address variables that written materials cannot.  Some of these include the following:

  • Clear demonstrations on how to complete a task in real-time.
  • The ability to view multiple times until the necessary amount of repetition is achieved.
  • Educational videos make excellent reference materials for employees.

Continual Education has Been Ignored Due to Cost and Logistical Challenges

Adult learning has been traditionally overlooked.  There is much value in providing employees with continual education in order to ensure that an entire department is up to speed on industry trends and best practice.  Video learning makes it possible to reach employees at a universal level without interfering with daily work.  Instead of losing profits while an entire sales team is in training, provide ongoing knowledge via online video and eLearning platforms.  Employees can learn at their own paces, and employees can learn targeted information during routine downtime throughout the day.

Revolutionizing Learning in the Digital Age With Video

A Better Approach to Employee Learning

Many employees find the Socratic method of learning highly intimidating in the workplace.  In addition, participation in highly-theoretical debates can be seen as a waste of billable hours and lost production time.  Video learning can be supplemented with discussion threads or live chat in order to encourage questions.  Universal eLearning initiatives for employees can be more practical overall.  Allow video modules to be viewed from mobile devices.  Employees can watch videos or listed to podcasts on a biweekly basis in order to stay abreast of current company policy as well as industry news.

A Better Approach to Consumer Education

Many products and services can benefit from clear demonstrations in addition to written explanations.  It is important to use video that can help employees learn what benefits a product or service can reasonably offer before making a large purchase.  Video can also help build brand personas, increase rates of independent brand advocacy, and make public outreach campaigns more effective.  Video can offer a way for employees to get excited about something new they learned about a brand (e.g. philanthropic efforts to deliver clean water to developing countries) and share the new information with larger social circles.

Videos for Effective Adult Education

The ability to show interactive videos is currently revolutionizing the way employees learn in a variety of contexts.  Video education can help improve communication in many different scenarios. Use video to improve different aspects of your business, from social media marketing to training new hires.

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