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Websites That Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently


Running a business successfully involves constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve productivity. The Internet has done a lot to help businesses to do so, and there are plenty of websites out there that now make it easier to do a wide variety of different business tasks.

Websites That Help Run Businesses More Efficiently

Finding the right websites to help improve business efficiency can be difficult, but here are some key sites that you may want to check out that could do good things for your business:

  • Ink technologies: A variety of HP toner cartridges can be found at this website, making it possible for you to do one-stop shopping for your company. Rather than having to visit multiple sites looking for the right printer ink, you can quickly and easily find the ink that you need and place your order from this convenient, cost-effective website.
  • WebEx: WebEx allows you to host events and online meetings right on the Internet. Traditionally, workers in different offices would need to travel in order to meet face-to-face and collaborate on projects. Whole days could be entirely lost as workers might have had to drive to a different branch location or get on a plane. All of this not only impacted productivity but also cost money for travel costs and expenses as well. Now, with WebEx and other online software allowing for virtual meetings, your employees at all of your different locations can quickly and easily share ideas or collaborate together on projects.
  • Evernote: With Evernote, you can capture audio clips, videos, images, ideas and anything else that you need in one simple program. Everything can be stored to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere and you can retrieve your data and stored information easily.  It is possible to enter handwritten notes into Evernote as well, and you can sync and organize the information that you upload very simply.
  • Dropbox:  Dropbox allows you to store files in the cloud (and you don’t have to pay anything for this online storage unless you have many files that you want to upload and store). When you use Dropbox, you can install or access Dropbox from all of your different devices including computers, tablets and SmartPhones. With the click of a button, you can open a file, edit or review it, make changes and save it to Dropbox. The updates will save everywhere and when you access the file next time, you’ll be able to see what you did. Instead of having to email files back-and-forth for collaboration or constantly worrying when you switch from one computer to the other about whether you have the latest version of a file or no, you can make use of Dropbox. Dropbox also helps to ensure that no files are lost by hard drive crashes or problems with your physical hardware since everything is stored in the cloud. And of course, if you’re more of a Google kind of guy, well there’s always Google Drive, which is basically the same thing as Dropbox.
  • Google: Speaking of Google… if you haven’t figured it out by now, Google is much more than just a search engine, and the family of different Google websites can do a ton to increase your business productivity. Using Google, you can store documents and spreadsheets on a virtual online drive and different people can share those files and access them. This makes collaboration among different people simple and easy. You can also share calendars on Google so everyone can set meetings or come up with times to work collaboratively on projects together. Google’s Tasks let you seamless create a to-do list that you can integrate with your calendar and with your emails, and you can create multiple different to-do lists for different business projects or tasks.

Websites That Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently

These are just a few of the many different websites on the Internet that your business may be able to take advantage of in order to improve efficiency. Many businesses also benefit from online inventory tracking, online budget management software, electronic fax sites, social media websites that allow better connections with clients, and a whole host of other online sites.  Spending a little bit of time researching different business productivity sites on the web that can work for your business is a wise and productive use of time and one that is likely to pay dividends as you take advantage of the different online offerings for businesses both large and small.

About the author: 

Jessica Long is a small business wizard. She spends most of her day successfully driving her own ship (running her own business!) and the rest of it offering tips to others through various guest posts.

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