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Samsung’s Mobile Print for iOS Users


Tablets and smart phones have caused a technological revolution around the world. People don’t have to find the nearest desktop or carry around heavy laptops to do their work or browse online. These two portable devices have become absolute necessities to many. Apple has been in the forefront of this change. With their iPhones and iPads, Apple is leading the world towards change. Though these devices have myriad advantages, they don’t have a consistent technology that is compatible to printing directly from the hand-held device.

You know Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers in smart phones and tablets. However, they also produce printers. So, it is natural for the company to come up with printers that works together with tablets and smart phones. The company has introduced free mobile print application and SCX-4729FW for android and iOS platforms bringing the three devices together.

Samsung's Mobile Print for iOS Users

Recently Samsung announced that the company has made changes to its Mobile Print application and more importantly the compatibility to iOS devices. When introduced in the year 2011, this app targeted the android and windows tablets and smart phones. With this enhanced version of the iOS app, users can now use this app to print any documents they want directly without transferring the files to a different device or use e-mails or servers or install specific devices to transfer the files. The company has stated that users can directly transfer files to the printing device.

How does the app work?

The mobile app works in the plug and play method. It offers easy and secure printing or scanning using a Wi-Fi connection to any of the Samsung printers available in a LAN. The free downloads allow the particular authorized user to print a document, scan it and even review, sign and printed attachments or documents from their hand-held devices.

There are other improvements on the recently updated application:

  • Documents like PowerPoint, Word and Excel supported by Microsoft which come as mail attachments can be printed.
  • Directly print files or documents stored on APPLE’S cloud.
  • Print and of the Google Docs.
  • A user can choose particular pages to be printed.
  • Files shared by other apps can also be printed.
  • Arrange or rearrange the icons available on the main screen.

This improved app from Samsung is available as a free download across various platforms: Andriod, Windows and iOS. You can download them for free from online.

Though it is a definitely good improvement and people don’t have to use third-party devices to print documents from their tablets or smartphones, it does have few disadvantages. For example, you cannot print directly from your device if your printer is not Samsung. Next, you require WiFi connection which may not be available at all places. The practicality of this app does not throw a good light. However, people with Samsung printers don’t have to replace their printers as the app has been made compatible to all the big platforms.

The app renovation has been just announced by Samsung. The effectiveness or the usefulness of the app will be known once mass audience start using it. it will be a convenient app to use an don’t a necessity. People can send files to their mails and get it printed from their mails instead going to the pains of buying a Samsung printer!

This is a guest post by Tina Reeves. She is an experienced writer who writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. Check out more of cox tv guide now.

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