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The Mobile Phone Spying Software That Got My Nod of Approval


I am normally an unforgiving critic and have failed more products that I reviewed than most other critics and maybe I am despised in tech circles for that very reason. They call me a skeptic but for me only the best should pass so that customers could not be deceived by the marketing gimmicks. This time, I rather have to agree with one of the mobile phone spying software I recently tested- StealthGenie.

What I Held for Most Spy Apps?

I had always been very skeptic about most of the mobile phone spying software because all of them had rather identical features and none offered what was actually needed- who really exchanges text messages when you have the free messaging apps and features like WhatsApp and iMessage? Anyway, I almost gave up reviewing the mobile phone spying software because none really interested me.

The Mobile Phone Spying Software That Got My Nod of Approval

Why My Opinion Changed?

My opinion changed when my friend finally persuaded me to review StealthGenie mobile phone spying software. He had used the software himself and challenged me to find major flaws in this software. I took on the challenge and tested it on three different devices- Android, iPhone and BlackBerry each. I have to admit begrudgingly that my opinion about the uselessness of the mobile phone spying software somewhat mellowed. StealthGenie was not a bad piece of software after all!

Will StealthGenie Please You, Too?

I think it should because I have rarely seen any mobile phone spying software that is stable like StealthGenie is and has so many features, too. Plus they are generous enough to give free updates and a 24/7 customer support, too. Some of the features that I admire include:

  • Trigger alerts-instant notifications on use of specified words, contacts and email IDs
  • Phone surroundings- recordings of all phone surroundings within 15 ft. distance
  • Location history- tracking all places visited by the target phone user along with route maps
  • WhatsApp and iMessage chats- tracking all messages and multimedia content

My Piece of Advice:

It is quite rare that I endorse a product and speck positively about but when I do, it is when the product is really that great and StealthGenie I believe, is quite good. No wonder, they still have to improve on the data uploading delays and certain minor bugs but overall, it is way better mobile phone spying software than I was accustomed to seeing!

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