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What Is the Other on iPhone and How to Get Rid of It?


iOS 7.1 is a very polished upgrade for all iOS users, particularly those with older iPhones. Just because of its improved responsiveness and performance, many “old” iPhone users join in a massive rush to download and install this new system. Unfortunately, upgrading to iOS 7.1 requires 2GB – 3GB storage available (for the iPhone 5s, 2.5GB is in need). It’s a matter that disturbs.

Seemingly Apple offers an option to make more storage available by deleting items like music, photos, videos, and apps, via Usage Settings, but it’s not a long-term solution to this problem and there is no reason to sacrifice these personal or entertainment content. So let’s find some workarounds.

What Is the Other on iPhone and How to Get Rid of It

Connect your iPhone to the iTunes, you’ll notice a yellow bar in the storage condition. It’s a common issue to have a large number of space taken up by the Other category in an iOS device. This can become very annoying especially when you run out of space and even can’t process an update to the latest iOS.

There are thousands of threads and posts on the Internet discussing this issue but rarely have a way to fix it in a long time term and efficient method. In this article, we are going to make an intense analysis on what is the Other on an iPhone or iPad and how to what can we do with it.

iOS 7.1

Understanding about Other on iPhone

There’s nothing to fix (unless you’re seeing way over a GB of Other).  The iOS alone is well over 700MB, then add on artwork from music, MMS messages you’re hanging onto, misc. app data, e-mail attachments you’ve viewed and not deleted from your Inbox, maybe personal cloud files from the use of something like Dropbox, etc. and it is quite easy to get to 1 GB or more of Other.

However, if your iPhone Other file is more than 2GB, then you’d better cast an eye on it since your fixed iPhone storage may not afford wasting that much GB. As there are a variety of file types in that category, so before unquestioningly decide how to cope with it, let’s make the labelling job first.

Other is everything that isn’t Audio, Video, Photos, Apps, Books or Free. So that leaves operating system data, application data, emails, SMS and MMS messages, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Genius and Ping data, Game Center data, WiFi network data, app data, Safari cache and cookies, stored passwords, Safari Bookmarks, Home screen organization structure, the Search index and probably a bunch of other stuff (you can name more if you find anything that is unclassifiable).

How to Remove Other on iPhone – Step 1:

iOS offers a set of options to clear the Other on an iPhone or iPad manually, like:

1. Delete browser cache
2. Browser cache
3. Delete Mail account and re-add
4. Delete Mail
5. Delete Text Messages
6. Delete Media Texts

Take the note that, making a manual cleansing job to get rid of Other on your iPhone is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, take the messages as an example. Even you painstakingly wipe off all your texts, these image, audio and video attachment may be still there. Move to the next step will get more closer to address the problem completely.

How to Remove Other on iPhone – Step 2:

To reclaim more free space from Other on your iPhone, you need to download and install a third party software named PhoneClean. Two options are offered by this computer based program to make a Quick Clean or Deep Clean on your iPhone. As it claimed, the Quick Clean focuses on remove a number of long-term caches, temp and junk files generated by many Apps or failed iTunes syncs. Most of these file are useless and what’s worse, they may devour memory resource and slow down iPhone when launching Apps.

PhoneClean Pro for Ipad 2

About its Deep Clean, you can find it is able to remove the message (along with the attachment), Safari cookies and history, as well as many other files lurking on your idevice.

PhoneClean Pro for iPhone 4 s

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