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The Winner License Key iSkysoft iMedia Converter Ver. 3.0.3


I have chosen the lucky reader who has to obtain license key in the Giveaway iSkysoft iMedia Converter Ver. 3.0.3. I apologize to all the readers who comment are not approved because only wrote comments such as “count me too, I need this key, etc” and did not write the reasons why want the genuine license iSKysoft iMedia converter .

Here are the 15 lucky readers who entitled to obtain a license key for iSkysoft iMedia converter. Thank you for all participation.

No Name Email
1 Charmel charmel****
2 Sam yuexiaqingren****
3 Paul csjjpm****
4 Bob rcahill_100****
5 Stefan steffe.1****
6 Erklo 2b5rite****
7 Lux Mentis luxmentis4u****
8 vhick vj_onix****
9 malkhaz alfric1000****
10 yusuf bungyusuf****
11 NOKNOT hboy02****
12 amon admonamozi****
13 champde silva 55user55****
14 Anuj m.wanna.s.a.****
15 Mahin mahinshah7****

The license key will be sent immediately. Thank you for has provided the license key

Update: I have sent the license info to all of the winner. If you have not received the license code, please leave a comment here

Posted by Fz 16 Responses

16 Responses to “The Winner License Key iSkysoft iMedia Converter Ver. 3.0.3”

  1. Charmel says:

    Unpatiently waiting for the licence, but still nothing’s here… 🙁

  2. Lux Mentis says:

    Very happy to see my name on the winners list.

    Thank you.

  3. Anuj says:

    Thanks a lot for the license key.

    I required such a software.

    Thanks again.

  4. Anuj says:

    I hope to receive the license key soon.


  5. malkhaz says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. But I haven’t received the key yet, why?

  6. yusuf says:

    Wow,I’ve got the license
    thankyou very much

  7. Fz says:

    @All, Sorry for all, but iSkysoft haven’t sent the license key

  8. Paul says:

    Thank you for picking me I really appreciate it.

  9. malkhaz says:

    thank you for key

  10. amon says:

    VERY, VERY HAPPY to be among the kucky winners. Cheers!


  11. NOKNOT says:

    Just received key today. Thanks so much.

  12. champde says:

    Thanks for the key and all the best for iskysoft.

  13. Mahin says:

    Thanks …
    I got my key .

  14. Bob says:

    Thanks for the key. This is the best video converter I’ve ever used. It has a lot of preprogrammed formats for Apple, Archos, Android phones, etc. as well as many generic formats. You can batch process videos and designate how many of your processors you want to use for the conversion. My quad core PC converts a couple of hours of home videos in about 20 minutes…awesosme product!!!

  15. Sam says:

    Thank you so much!!
    I received my license key ^^

  16. Lux Mentis says:

    Got mine as well a couple of days after my first comment here.

    BTW, nice revamp!


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