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Tips to Care Your Laptop to be Durable and Long Lasting


Are you have a Laptop? Here are some tips from that can be used to keep your Laptop remains durable and long lasting.

Use an Electric Stabilizer
For those of you who love to work with the Laptop but with removing the battery is a good idea to add stabilizer. Stabilizer function to keep unstable flow into your Laptop. So your comfort work with laptop keeps awake.

Be Careful to Carry Your Laptop in a Bag
We recommend using specially designed bags for laptops. Do not use any bag that does not have a special pad for Laptop. Perhaps this bag for the price is a bit expensive. But commensurate with its function to protect the Laptop.

Tips to Care Your Laptop to be Durable and Long Lasting

Don’t Eat and Drink Near the Laptop
Avoid eating or drinking near the Laptop. Liquid or food could have been accidentally spilled and could hit the keyboard and into the component. If the component is damaged, then the cost to replace it is very expensive.

Beware of Software Downloads
Try to use an existing software in the package purchase your Laptop, to avoid destructive viruses. Download software on the internet, if not careful, without adequate antivirus support and updated well shouldn’t do.

Should not put the Laptop on the floor
Dusts on the floor could ruin a Laptop. Turn away from small children and pets. The risk will be trampled.

Do Not Disassemble The Laptop
If you are not a technician who did understand right about the Laptop do not try to disassemble by your own. Better if there’s a problem, fix it immediately at the nearest service center.

Clean Regularly
This is often not done by the owner of the Laptop. Let the laptop dirty tantamount to shorten his age. Try to regularly clean the screen and the keyboard.

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