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Yahoo Closed Community Services in China


Search engine company Yahoo, closing the News Service and communities in China, following the closure of its email service last month.

Yahoo China Home page now redirects the user to a page that’s run by Alibaba, the company that also managed by Yahoo China, according to the BBC in his report.

In the message that appears on the page before the user is redirected to another site, Yahoo said that it was “adjustment for the strategy operations”.

Yahoo Closed Community Services in China

That step also carries the implication that his staff will work to handle the content of Alibaba and Yahoo says to thank users for the support.

Yahoo has not been asked to comment about it.

Yahoo is facing competition in the China market.

Social services media platforms such as Twitter that offered Weibo is very popular in China.

Yahoo has a significant stake in Alibaba, online retailers business-to-business that has a license to run its services in China.

Some analysts suspect that the services are owned by Alibaba benefitted from its relationship with Yahoo.

“Yahoo China has been under Alibaba for years. This is the most valuable property that’s been cut into pieces and used, “said Li Zhi, an analyst from Analysis International to the IT World.

“Alibaba is no longer need to have a Yahoo China that has been squeezed dry,” he said.

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