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7 Template Generator for Blog and Website


If you to create a blog easily you can use the template generator below. With the template generator listed below you can create your blog and website desain by yourself easily without need too many knowledge about HTML or CSS. Here the list 7 online template generator to create website or blog design.


CSSEZ is template generator online for wordpress blog and movable type. If you wish to use this service, you need free registration here. You can chosen one until four column of template, arranging column wide, padding, margin, border, font and style link.

WordPress Theme Generator

template Generator online service can assist you to make your wordpress theme easily without knowledge of html and css language. This service provide choice to chosen [by] xself the name of blog, size measure of body, location of sidebar and this size measure, enhancing third column, layout menu, text scheme and colour, you also can enhance cloud tag, search box and archives. If have, you can see its result and downloading to zip file


Dotemplate provide 12 free XHTML and CSS template of elementary compliant free of charge which you can select. You can chosen one then editing by altering colour, font, text, text position, footer, box and menu. Besides you also can enhance effect like drop shadow, gradien and round corner. This very attractive service because don’t need knowledge of html to utilizing it, besides there is choice for upload your picture.

Eris’ Template Generator

This generator provide 11 skin for your blog with three column choice. This service support diaryland, diary-x, movabletype, blogger, wordpress, b2 and other free template site html.


Psycho is open source template generator for blogger platform, persian blog, and blogFa. You can arrange page title, colour of background template body, background title, text, spacing and chosen till 4 column choice.


The Templatr provide more than 20 choice and layout formatting for frontpage, header, footer, titles, margin, padding, border and many again for wordpress blog.


Weebly template generator with 15 pre-built desain which can customation by enhancing element like advertisement, feed icon, map, form contact, text and layout picture, column of google, youtube video and others. If you have can publicize the blog at your platform

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  1. voimaReinee says:

    Terrific info=) will definitely visit again!

  2. Fz says:

    @Trix Thnks for the info. I have tried this good tools, simple and easy to use 😀


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