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Web Based Instant Messengers


so for whatever reason you’re unable to download (or install) a full blown Instant Messenger client, never fear all is not lost. Check out our list of what Instant Messengers are currently available that happily run via your browser…

Yahoo! Web Messenger

Lets you talk to your Yahoo! friends ONLY

You need a Yahoo! Account, if you don’t have one you can grab it from
Bare basic documentation is available at Yahoo! Web Messenger Help

  • Basic IM

System Requirements:

  • a browser that supports Java 1.1, JavaScript 1.2

MSN Web Messenger

Lets you talk to your MSN Messenger friends ONLY

You need to have an Microsoft® .NET Passport (if you have a Hotmail account you have a “Passport” so this isn’t required in addition to), don’t have a passport? head to

  • Sign in options including “Appear Offline”
  • Emoticons
  • Email

System Requirements:

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Netscape 7.1 or later, or Mozilla 1.6 or later
  • Popups enabled

“MSN2Go is the world’s first free web-based MSN client to be created in the form of a Java applet. MSN2Go is not just another HTML/JavaScript hybrid, but a true Java applet that works equally on any Java-enabled browser. This means no pages refreshing whenever a user changes status, no JavaScript kludges, and better responsiveness.”
MSN2Go forum:


  • Send and receive messages
  • Add and remove contacts
  • Block and unblock contacts
  • View profiles
  • Typing notifications
  • Screen name changes (blank names allowed)
  • Status changes (initial and post-connection)
  • Support for HTTP proxy servers


messengerFX lets MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger users connect to the Microsoft network via just a browser, no downloads or special settings required.

  • Status selection
  • Change your display picture and display name
  • Block / unBlock, Add, Remove friends
  • uses the Microsoft default emoticons


Lets you talk to your ICQ & AIM (AOL) friends
You need to have an exisiting ICQ number, if you don’t have one you can register at


  • Flash based version
  • Save your history option
  • Get alerts on your friends’ status
  • Send messages using the Enter key
  • Option to edit your visible and invisible lists
  • Login as Invisible
  • Shaking new incoming message alert
  • New control for resizing your contact list window
  • Popups enabled

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP

  • Flash player 7
  • Javascript enabled browser
  • Recommended browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 7 or higher, Mozilla 1.0+


  • Flash player 7
  • Javascript enabled browser
  • Recommended browsers: Safari, Firefox, Mozilla 1.5 or higher, Internet Explorer 5
  • Popups enabled

AIM Express

You need to have an AIM account


  • Send instant messages
  • See who’s online in your buddy list window
  • Start or join buddy chats
  • Block members who misbehave

System Requirements:

Windows 98/SE/MP/2000/XP

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later or Netscape 7.1 or Mozilla 1.4+ or Firefox
  • Popups enabled

Macintosh: Mac OS X

  • Netscape 7.1 or Mozilla 1.4+ or Firefox
  • Popups enabled

If you don’t meet the minimum system requirements for the lastest AIM Express, you can try AIM Quick Buddy

eBuddy (formerly e-messenger)

“eBuddy is a web application that enables you to chat with your MSN, AOL and Yahoo buddies without having to install any program or Java applet. To use the web version of eBuddy, all you need is a JavaScript enabled browser on your computer and it works even if you are behind a firewall.”

Yahoo! Account

MSN Passport

AIM Account Signup
before using e-messenger you must accept their TOS

System Requirements:

  • Java enabled browser
  • Popups enabled


“ is a web messenger application that allows you to stay connected with your favorite Instant Messenger almost anywhere. You need a computer with just a browser only. There is no need to download and install any software or Java plug-ins into your computer to use Web Instant Messenger. provides friendly, light and very easy to use web-based interface with almost all core features from the original Instant Messenger.

Another great benefit of our Web Instant Messenger – it works in secured networks behind a firewall or proxy servers. Even if a regular messenger application is restricted there, works well. So, you can use our Web Instant Messenger to chat with your buddies everywhere!”
thanks heaps to ml ds, Jen and Sara for the headsup re 🙂

meebo lets you access AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, GTalk and MSN Messenger via your browser, once again no download required. They provide a support forum and the latest version offers the following “Lots of good feedback from everyone after release 6. We’ve spent the past few days polishing details and adding some small features. We pushed release 7 last night. Lots of people have mentioned an MSN connectivity bug — we were finally able to reproduce the problem on our side and pushed the fix. Let us know if you have further issues. Also, invisible mode is available for all of you stealthy, sneaky, or just shy IMers. You’ll find the option in the status drop-down menu at the top of the buddy list. We cleaned up the remove buddy dialog (now shows user aliases if they are available), and started supporting user permissioning so you can accept or politely decline add buddy requests. And as an added bonus, you’ll notice that buddies moving online/offline will darken for a few seconds” you’ll know instantly when to start bugging your friends.” for more detailed information about their latest release check out their forum thread Add/Remove Buddies, Sorting, New Emoticons…
thanks heaps to Beau for the headsup re 🙂
for more information check out our articles Meebo and Meeb Me

Instan-t Express

“Instan-t Express is a Web based IM client developed with AJAX technologies. It works with the latest Internet Explorer or Firefox browser in any operating system. It can also be used in computers with tight security restrictions that do not allow you to install applications or only have web access (HTTP protocol). With instan-t express you will not only be able to communicate with any other instan-t user but also with MSN, AOL, ICQ & Yahoo IM users as well.”

Kool IM

Kool IM (currently ALPHA) lets you connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk and ICQ, keep and eye on their blog ( ) for updates

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