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A Third of People Regret Sharing Information Online too Much


A survey found that many people feel guilty indulgence too much information in a social networking site where people can access information and photos with ease.

A third of 2,000 people aged over 18 years was regret because too indulgence photos and they detailed personal online.

More than half admitted that many foreigners who follow them online and can access their personal information.

Excessive indulgence information can embarrass someone, such as uploading photos that are not worthy of display or write words that are inappropriate.

A Third of People Regret Sharing Information Online too Much

One in ten people in trouble with the boss at the Office after complaining about the work on the site. And more than one person out of 20 people failed to get the job because the company was not impressed with the photos that are uploaded on the site.

A spokesman from the digital marketing agency White Hat Media says, “there is a mass trend where people write about the location and status of their accomplishments every day.”

“Complaining about the work in the Office can make a relation not harmonious with superiors or colleagues,” he was quoted as saying from the pages of the Daily Mail.

They also often write times are most proud of, what they feel, and what they did while working.

Other regular postings written is where they will go, ill, opinions on news, news of friends and family, as well as what they buy.

Exhibition of the achievements of children, gossip about celebrities, and something that ticks they also uploaded every day.

A fifth of people admit they might ‘ talk ‘ too much time online, and 53 percent wouldn’t spill the beans on his followers when met face to face.

More than a third of the people will be embarrassed when friends or family realizes most viewed photos were embarrassing.

Three out of ten people admitted they often wincing when looking back at the post and the status that they create.

Only 44 percent who believe that what they write on the site is secure.

“According to the results, people tend to share sensitive information without thinking of online privacy or serious effect that can happen to them.”

“There are a few steps to make sure your online reputation. For example, check the privacy settings again and remember that most of the post can be read publicly. If there are things that are not comfortable things for uploaded through media and networking can hurt others, better didn’t share your information online”.

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