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How to Add Windows Vista Sidebar to Windows XP


Windows Vista sidebar is one of the new features on this windows version. This feature make Vista different from previous windows version. If you use Windows XP you can adding this windows sidebar into on your windows XP desktop without upgrading your windows XP to vista. To add windows vista sidebar to your windows XP you can download this software package from devianart.The software package contain three software are: alky, windows sidebar installer and gadget extractor.

You can download the windows vista package for windows XP from this link: (file size 45MB). This package have provide all you need to add vista sidebar to your XP desktop.

Windows Vista Sidebar

Alky: Alky makes all software that created for windows Vista can be install on windows XP such as the Windows Sidebar.

Windows Sidebar Installer: This is the Windows Sidebar installer and only can be install in the windows XP after installed Alky.

Gadget Extractor: Contains windows sidebar gadgets. Gadget Extractor makes it possible to add new gadgets to your Sidebar, Just open Gadget files with Gadget Extractor. And Gadget Extractor adds the gadget to your Sidebar Gadget List.

How to Add and Install Windows Vista Sidebar in Your Windows

  • Download windows vista sedebar package from the link mentioned above and extract it.
  • Install Alky by clicking installer.msi in the alky folder until finish.
  • After Alky install finished run “windows_sidebar_installer.exe” to install sidebar in the windows xp and then install gadget extractor to add more gadget to windows vista sidebar.
  • After all instalation finished, go to c:\program file\windows sidebar (because I install the program on this folder), and run sidebar.exe to run the sidebar.
  • If you want add new gadget to the sidebar, right click the sidebar and click add gadgets.

On my computer, there are some gadget which cannot be used. I don’t know that is bug or my insttallation file corrupt.

Posted by Fz 4 Responses

4 Responses to “How to Add Windows Vista Sidebar to Windows XP”

  1. himam733 says:

    there are some gadget which cannot be used,why?

  2. Marijo says:

    This Alky Application.That wont change Windows XP Bootscreen,Log on screen and other things??

  3. wahyu oi says:

    thks for this application…….,
    this application is very, very nice


  4. subman says:

    virus inside Windows_Sidebar_Installer.exe


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